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Author of "Patriotism Capitalized, or 
Religion Turned Into Gold." 

"The Ku Elux Elan, or The Rise and 
Fall of the Invisible Empire," etc. 

Copyrighted by 


19 2 8 



The revelations found in this book should stir the 
soul of every American citizen. The Ku Klux Klan is 
not yet dead ; it is striving desperately to have a "come 
back" and will if it is not most thoroughly exposed. This 
I believe has been successfully done in this and the other 
two books I have written on the officials of the Klan. 

The revelations reveal a condition existing in 
America one would be slow to believe could be possible, 
were it not for the fact I produce the proofs. The Ku 
Klux Klan, for the safety of America, must be killed. 
Its leaders should be sent to jail, where every one of 
them belong. They have amassed their millions 
through exploting a relgious sentiment and stirring up 
strife among the church people. The leaders of the 
Klan have but one idea in view-MAKE MONEY. The 
state and national officials of the Klan are void of 
either morals or honor, and for this reason I have not 
spared any of them. 

The Klan is here because disreputable, drunken 
and debauched leaders discovered they could rally mil- 
lions behind them, they pretending to be fighting the 
Roman Catholic Church, etc. But in fact these Klan 
officials do not care for any church, much less hate 
the Roman Catholic Church. MONEY is the beginning 
and the end, the alpha and omega of all the activities 
of these Klan officials. Those who read this book wiH 
be given some startling facts. We pass it on to the 
public to, and trust that it may help much to destroy 
an organization that is bound to involve this natioa m 
a religious war if it is not successfully exposed. It 
can hurt no one to read facts, and this book contains 
them, startling though they be. 






Some Early History of the KU KLUX KLAN 

Fitfy years from now, after H. W. Evans is dead 
and long in his grave, the school children of America 
will be taught to look upon him very much as they 
are taught today to look upon the memory of Benedict 
Arnold, Nero, or any other of the world's monstrous 
frauds and of the earth's most despised heings. The 
measure of Evans is just now being taken by those 
who know the facts, and by the time he is thoroughly 
exposed by the pulpit and the press the American peo- 
ple of today will have learned that their day and gen- 
eration brought to full fruition the most f radulent and 
dangerous organization ever known on the western 
continent, having at its head a monster who is all his 
self-styled name makes him, a "Wizard," an "Em- 
peror" of the Nero fashion, and a social fraud and 
cheat such as the earth has seldom seen, a man at the 
head of ten million men and women in these United 
States, preaching iunder disguise and for financial 
gain a set of principles as undying as the verities of 
life, and yet a man seemingly without one trace of 
Americanism in his body, and without one particle 
of true religion in his soul. This man who brought 
upon the south a campaign of floggings and kill- 
ings has launched another intensive campaing of 
brutal floggings that has for its central thought 



the whole-sale torturing of both white and black in 
all parts of the nation, with an idea in his mind, no 
doubt, of compelling men and women to pay into 
his unholy and unrighteous treasury millions of dol- 
lars with which he can buy his wife diamond crowns 
build more yachts and erect additional and greater 
palaces, reside in homes on the order of emperors, and 
travel on the ocean like the rulers of ancient empires. 
To be a political and social monster such as I have 
above described would imply that one would need 
brains, but brains is something that Evans seems to 
be as void of as he is void of character. He has about 
as much of one as the other. It just so happens that 
he is the exact prototype of what the name "Ku Klux 
Klan" implies. He is at the head of that organization, 
which itself is sufficient proof that he is characterless, 
for wherever the name Ku Klux Klan is known it is 
known as a gang of brutal floggers, torturers, and any 
man willing and anxious to be known as the "Emper- 
or" of such an organization is one who surely has but 
little sense of decency left in his mental make-up, and 
no feelings of human-kindness in his soul, or else he 
would not choose to take on to himself the leadership 
of any body of people sailing under that name. In 
writing this chapter we do so with the full knowledge 
that what we say is about an organization that has 
initiated into its unholy folds more than nine million 
men and women during the last seven years, and has 
at its head a man who is fully capable of putting in 
motion all the hideous practices and barbaric tortures 


the Ku Klux Klan of old is known to have carried 
out In selecting Evans to be its head satan did a good 
job and knew his stuff. 

We propose to show in this chapter, and in addi- 
tional ones we shall write, that the present Ku Klux 
Klan has been doing, on a very wide scale, exactly 
what the old Ku Klux Klan did on a smaller scale, flog- 
ging and torturing human beings, except the old Ku 
Klux Klan tortured and flogged men and women for 
the purpose of keeping down colored and black rule 
at a time when the carpet baggers from the north 
were threatening the security of the southern people, 
while the leaders of the Ku Klux Klan of today are 
flogging white and black, American and foreigner, 
and doing it not to preserve any virtue in the home, 
but for the purpose of filling their coffers with gold. 
In other words, the amount of gold that any flogging 
will bring in is the pendulum on which swings the 
question as to whether or not the flogging shall be or 
dered. The floggings that were carried on by the old 
Ku Klux Klan, though hideous they were, were carried 
on for the purpose of striking terror to the colored 
men of the south whom the carpet baggers were god- 
ing on to desperation, and such floggings were carried 
on **without money and without price," while the flog- 
gings that have been carried on by the present Ku 
Klux Klan are done for the purpose of financial gain. 
Tn that sense the present Ku Klux Klan is a thousand 
times worse than the old Ku Klux Klan, although their 
main object in one sense is the same — the flogging of 




I know up north it is generally thought that the 
Ku Klux Klan does not carry on these brutal and 
gruesome practices, but in this regard the northern 
people are mistaken. Down south no one will deny 
that the present Ku Klux Klan brutally flogs, for 
everybody down south knows that it does flog- A 
leopard can not change its spots, and the present Ku 
Klux Klan is the same beast of a leopard that it was 
sixty years ago, except that it is now full grown and 
threatens to destroy this government unless the peo- 
ple rise and slay the monster it has grown to be. 
^yShi 1915 an innocent enough man, Col. William 
Joseph Simmons, concluded he would organize a so- 
society in Atlanta and call it the Knights of the Ku 
Klux Klan. That was for fun and frolic, and never 
was the thought that it would actually become a flog- 
ging organization and that it would finally plunge this 
nation into one of the most bitter and dangerous re- 
ligious and race wars the world has ever seen. The 
Klan as Col. Simmons organized it was innocent, its 
members confined themselves to its social functions, 
such as the Mardi Gras or the Hallowe'en parties of 
today. The race question, the negro question, the 
Jew question, the Catholic question, none of these 
were ever dreamed of being incorporated into its 
make-up by Col. Simmons. People of Atlanta knew 
of it, and they laughed about it. Any one who wished 
to do so could join it if he had the character. Colonel 
Simmons plaiprarized, or rather adopted, to use a 



milder term, many of the expressions that were used 
in the old Ku Klux Klan, such as Kleagle, King, 
Kleagle, Emperor, Wizard, Titan, Cyclops, Furors, 
Terrors, etc., etc. All these names and expressions 
were connected with the old Ku Klux Klan and were 
resurrected and made a part of the new Ku Klux 
Klan. They are not original with Col. Simmons at 
all, and required only a good imagination and some 
ingenuity on his part to work them into their proper 
and appropriate places. While none of the old Ku 
Klux Klan ritual and initiation ceremonies were in 
print, yet long after it had been disbanded by order 
of its founder, in the year 1878, these names and 
rituals were put in print and many books written 
about them. From these books Col- Simmons select- 
ed the various names, phrases, etc., one finds in the 
present rituals of the Ku Klux Klan, and about which 
one who reads it wonders so much. We are charit- 
able enough toward Col. Simmons to say he "adopt- 
ed" these names, rather than to say he plagiarized 

Fer several years after organizing the present Ku 
Klux Klan, Col. Simmons continuing at its head, the 
Colonel had a very hard time "making ends meet", 
nnd he did not prosper in a pecuniary way. He had 
no thoughts of making it an organization that would 
enrich its promoters, or those at its head. For five 
yoars he remained its '"Emperor" and "Wizard," and 
just about all the remuneration he got out of those 
high sounding titles were the joys and pleasures, or 



kicks if you please, those titles gave him. Had the 
Ku Klux Klan remained what Colonel Simmons in- 
tended it to be when he organized it, the world would 
have been spared one of the most dangerous organiza- 
tions that has ever existed since civilization, for while 
the Klan has less than ten per cent the membership 
it had during its hey-dey, or in 1923 and 1924, yet its 
membership to-day possibly exceeds that of a million 
members, reduced to a mere wob, though a well org- 
anized mob, composed largely of the worst and most 
dangerous elements each community can afford, shel- 
tering thousands of habitual criminals, tens of thou- 
sands of excitable and crude individuals who would 
do anything their leaders tell them to do, with pos- 
sibly even yet a few well meaning men and women 
who have recently joined and have not even yet dis- 
covered its hideousness. Take this million men and 
women, if a million there are, and put at the head of 
such a bunch of men a man like Hiram Wesley Evans, 
whom we have very accruately described above, and 
you have an organization that is to be feared by every 
good man and woman in the country; an organization 
that can set into motion such a reign of terror and 
such a series of cruel beatings and floggings that Em- 
ma Gholdman never would have countenanced in her 
wild scramble to disrupt governments and to destroy 
present day society. With a man at the head of a 
mob who is void of conscience or feeling; with 
a man at the head of this well organized body of out- 
laws who can get pep and kick out of whipping 23 



negroes in one night; with a man at the head of such 
an organization who could boast that the death of a 
Klansman his organization had planned to have killed 
had given him twenty-five thousand new members; 
with a man at the head of such an organization who 
would just as readily see murdered a thousand Pro- 
testants as one Catholic, if the murder of that thou- 
sand Protestants would give him a million new mem- 
bers—well, you would have an organization frought 
with more danger than all the traitors of the earth 
could inflict upon a nation like ours in a whole cen- 
tury. And I say here now, that unless this fraud of 
all frauds is speedily exposed, and even prosecuted, he 
is liable yet to throw this country into such a religious 
and race war as men and women of our age have not 
dreamed of. It is to check the rage of this wild 
bull that I am giving my life and energies. I believe 
he will be dethroned; I believe that society yet will 
find him his proper place and put him "where he be- 
longs, and will finally, and may I suggest, speedily, 
put the Ku Klux Klan itself out of business 
and treat it as an enemy to society, one that must for- 
ever be banished from our land. The fight will not 
be won until hundreds of Klan leaders are sent to the 
penitentiary and thousands of conniving and weak 
politicians are put in the same place. 
iJSut let us hark back to Col. Simmons- We see him 
slruggling with his new organization. It is now 
live years old and he is not much further than he was 
I lie first vear of its existence. It has no particular 





object in view; its members have never yet discussed 
the Catholic question; they have not even thought 
of the wet and dry question; they knew nothing in 
their meeting of the awful and terrible "Jew," nor 
of any of the other questions the leaders of the Klan 
During these days of lean pickings by Col. Sim- 

vtalk about so much, 
mons along comes a man by the name of E. Y. Clarke, 
who was afterwards convicted in the Federal Courts 
at Houston, Texas, for white slavery. Clarke per- 
suades Col. Simmons to enter into a contract with 
him to "Sell the Ku Klux Klan to the American 
people" for ten dollars a head, Clarke keeping eight 
of the ten and sending two of it to Col. Simmons. 

S/Ths Col- was to have absolutely nothing to do with 
the marketing of the Klan; it was an iron clad con- 
tract the two signed. Simmons owned the Klan 
through both a copyright and a patent right. Not 
a soul on earth but Simmons could legally dispose of 
its destiny. The day that Col. Simmons signed that 
contract with Clarke was a red letter day for the in- 
habitants of hell, and the rejoicing in their kingdom 
must have been supreme, for it was on that day that 
the clock of civilization was set back a quarter of a 
century, the Christian church was raped, society rav- 
aged, and patriotism crucified, for Clarke started in 
motion a piece of human machinery that is still mak- 
ing grist for the mills of destruction and the hoppers 
of debauchery. 

-^Clarke was a broken down newspaper reporter, 

but he starts out to "sell the Klan.'* He quickly makes 
connections with four other gentlement who are to 
figure largely in the rise of the Invisible Empire. 
These four men were D. C. Stephenson of Indiana, 
Zeke Marv in, of Dallas, Texas. George F. Fox and 
H. W. Evans of the same city. This group soon be- 
came known as the "Big Five," and each of their 
names was upon the lips of every man and woman 
who attended the Klan meetings regularly between 
the years 1920 and 1922. 

Each one of the above men had his strong points; 
Clarke and Stephenson proved to be high-powered 
salesmen; Evans was noted for his brutality and 
coarse moral and physical make-up; Fox for his 
murderous and dare-devil capers, while Marvin was 
necessary in its early financing. Without Marvin 
possibly the other four could not have raised a hun- 
dred dollars cash at any bank whose cashier knew 
Ibem. Very likely no banker who knew either of the 
olher four would have given him twenty-five dollars 
on his own personal note. Yet every one of them ex- 
cept Stephenson was a man of almost middle age. 
I^-This is the bunch that sets out to "Christianize 
America, drive the Catholics out of the country, pro- 
tect the home and its virtues and to save the nation 
I i-om bootleggers." This is the bunch that "sold the 
Klan to the American Protestant people" at ten dol- 
lars a head. 

y/Each of the above knew advertising was necessary 
In putting the thing over. They knew the people were 


boukd MAY 1961 



ready for a big program of some sort, for great wars 
always prepare soil suitable for almost anything. It 
was decided to set in motion a series of negro-flog- 
gings, for these floggings would give the Ku Klux 
Klan more free advertising than a dozen million- 
aires like Zeke Marvin could give it were they to draw 
on their every resource. The floggings started si- 
multaneously with the rise of the Ku Klux Klan. [Just 
as rapidly as the floggings grew in number down 
south so rapidly did the Klan grow, until within a 
period of less than a year from the day the five started 
the floggings the Klan had over a half million mem- 
bers in the sixteen southern states^ Thousands of in- 
nocent negroes, hundreds of whites, were unmerci- 
fully and burtally whipped. The papers immedia- 
tely charged the leaders of the Ku Klux Klan as being 
responsible for these barbaric outrages, and these 
same leaders just as readily denied they had anything 
to do with them. So the country was soon reading 
about this southern organization, same name as the 
hideous thing of the seventies, and what is the coun- 
try to believe about it? The northern papers were 
quick to take up the publicity of these foul and in- 
human murders, floggings and tortures, nearly all 
of which were being committed by the Ku Klux Klan, 
but so secretly were they carried out that but little 
direct proof could be found. 
\7 The leaders preaching prohibition made them 
friends among the drys; their preaching against the 
Jews made them friends of the Jew-haters; their 

The Old 
Wizard and 
His Queen 
are having 
a great 
time Ohrist- 
America ! 
Said to be 
not an un- 
usual scene 
to take 
place in the 
Im p e r i a 1 



preaching for the purity of the women made them 
lovers among those who wished to preserve the 
home; their preaching against the Catholics made 
them friends of those who hated the Gotholic church, 
and their number is legion; their preaching against 
immigration made them friends among those who 
wished to see immigration checked. So these Klan 
leaders standing for so many things the American 
people really stand for themselves, men and women 
wishing these things did not see how the Klan lead- 
ers, even though they had adopted an unfortunate 
name, could be brutal enough to be the perpetrators 
of the floggings and murders taking place everywhere 
down south. Under such circumstances it was an 
easy matter for the Klan leaders to make the Amer- 
ican public believe the wicked city editors were lying 
on them, and so they quickly took advantage of the 
millions of dollars worth of free publicity these news- 
papers gave them and coined it into dollars and cents, 
and stuck the money in their pockets. 

The Klan obtained its full growth down south by 
the beginning of the year 1923. It never did get as 
strong down south as up north, except in possibly 
Texas, Alabama and Florida. Indiana was its best 
field of picking, and Ohio closely following. In In- 
diana by 1923 the Klan leaders were claiming over 
a half million members. By the middle of 1923 the 
leaders of Ohio claimed over a half million, and fin- 
ally Ohio went beyond the three-quarters of a million 
mark according to the assertions of the editors of 



the various Klan papers during these days- Other 
northern states went over the top big, but none so 
big as these two, Pennsylvania being the next in line, 
giving the third largest membership. By the latter 
part of 1923 the national membership had reached 
its zenith, its national heads, through their national 
organ, stating that the total membership of both the 
men's and women's department had passed the nine 
million mark. These are THEIR figures, not ours, 
and can be verified by a hundred different publica- 
tions over their own signatures. If nine million men 
and women did not Join the Klan from 1920 to 1924 
those responsible for the misstatements are the lead- 
ers of the Klan, for we quote only from their own 
tables of compilation. 

Then it was that the Klan began to fall off, and its 
falling off was just as precipitate as was its rise. In 
May of 1927 it was testified to by the head of the In- 
diana Klan that less than seventeen thousand persons 
in Indiana had their dues paid up, or a falling off of 
from over a half million in 1923 to that of less than 
twenty thousand in 1927; Ohio has the same story to 
(ell, Illinois is in the same table. As to the southern 
states, possibly no more than ten thousand members 
have their dues paid up in a single one of them ex- 
cept Texas, Alabama and Florida, and in these three 
states its membership is no doubt less than ten per 
<ont of the original membership. One can travel 
hundreds of miles in some southern states and never 
lind a single member of the Klan. We know, for we 



have tried it 

But with all this, the Klan is still alive, and were we 
to guess at its actual membership we would say it is 
between three quarters of a million and a million. 
There are not many paid up members, possibly not 
over three hundred thousand paid up members, yet 
the Klan could rally a million to its banner any day 
Hiram Wesley Evans cracks his whip. If a riot call 
was sent out many old members, those who possibly 
never will again pay up their dues, would answer the 
call. I would say, then, that the actual strength of 
the Klan today is in the neighborhood of a million 
members. While that does not compare with the ten 
million it claimed at one time yet an organization 
that can call into battle an army of a million men and 
women is an organization a long way from the point 
where it can be called dead. 

But the Ku Klux Klan is exactly what its name 
inmplies — a flogging party, a whipping organization, 
a combination of brutal and soulless leaders who will 
stop at nothing short of death and burning at the 
stake. Not that all its membership is, or ever was, 
composed of such persons, but that its entire machin- 
ery, in so far as those at its head is concerned, are 
ALL criminal- An occasional honest man or wo- 
man may be mistakenly placed in important positions 
in the Klan, but all such either found good financial 
pickings for , themselves and became criminals, or 
they discovered its criminal activities and left the 
Klan. So when one makes the statement that all na- 



tional and state Klan officials are criminals he can 
not be far wrong, as undisputed statistics are prov- 
ing, and as newly discovered facts are showing. And 
WHY are all the national officials criminals and 
crooks? Let us see if we can make that perfectly 

First of all, its name is criminal. There is not one 
single good thing about its name. Its name suggests 
to every intelligent man and woman throughout the 
nation a band of men whose sole business is to flog 
people and otherwise torture them. That is exactly 
I low the present Ku Klux Klan was put on the map, 
and every leader of the present Ku Klux Klan is given 
to understand that if thought wise he is to whip and 
flog in every instance given. There was not a Klan 
leader in these whole United States who had any im- 
portant position with the Klan but that knew that one 
feature of his official business was to whip and flog 
if it was thought by those higher up in authority that 
such floggings would rebound to the growth of the 
Klan and to the ingathering of the gold for its leaders. 

In the next place, who were the five men who put 
I be thing over? One of them is serving a life sen- 
'< nee in the Atlanta penitentiary for the murder of 
•'iptain Coburn; a second of them is serving a sim- 
ilar sentence in the Michigan City penitentiary in 
Indiana for the killing of a little girl; a third one was 
< onvicted for white slavery in the Federal Courts at 
Houston, Texas, while a fourth is said to have made 
B million dollars out of bootleg liquor, and two mil- 



lion dollars out of the Klan; the fifth one, H. W. 
Evans, is being too well discussed in this book for it 
to be necessary here for me to tell you anything about 
him, other than to say he has made any where from 
five to thirty million dollars out of the Klan since his 
connections with it six years ago, and is possibly, of 
the five, the most to be feared, and one whose gen- 
eral history would show a veritable stream of crim- 
inal acts on the part of his organization since he has 
been at its head. 

Taking the word of D. C. Stephenson for it, and 
surely he is good authority, as he had under his care 
in 1922 twenty-one states, one of these states being 
Pennsylvania, we find that out of the thirty-two 
state heads of the Klan in 1922 twenty-one of them 
had served terms in either the penitentiary or in 
some jail. If that be true, and Stephenson says it is 
true, then the very heads of the Klan in each state 
were composed of criminals. What sort of men 
would they likely select to head the county and local 
Klans? In Indiana a veritable stream of these crim- 
inals flowed out of jails in a dozen different counties 
and they became the most effective Klan organizers 
Stephenson could secure- ^D:illns, Texas, sent out a 
horde of these criminal organizers that were one to 
print the names of all of them it would look like the 
records of the police court of that big southern cityTj 
From Alabama came a great throng of these crim- 
inals, scores of them out of the jail in Birmingham, 
coming up north to Christianize the terrible north- 



erner. Kentucky let loose a regular flood of these 
criminal Klan organizers, and Virginia scattered an- 
other flock of these vultures all over the land. 

Neither was the northern states without their crim- 
inal and immoral organizers. Many of the Klan or- 
ganizers up north turned out to be well known police 
characters back in their home counties. While the 
north was a haven of rest for the southern criminals 

who flocked up here to save us from the Catholic, 
bootlegger and home wrecker, yet these southern 

criminals found good bed-fellows in the criminal 
northerners who joined their forces with the south- 
erners, and each of them made good when it came 
to dollars and cents in the Klan work. 

In this book are narrations of the most gruesome 
;ind torturous practices of Klan leaders, substantiated 
by affidavits that are undisputed, all going to show 
that what we have stated here in a national way has 
proved to be a fact in so far as Pennsylvania is con- 
cerned. Then when it is remembered that in Penn- 
sylvania was possibly the highest grade of citizen- 
ship that was found in the membership of any state 
in the nation, one wonders how it could be possible 
that any set of men could so degrade themselves as the 
Klan leaders degraded themselves all over the nation. 

Has Evan's Empire failed? It grew to great pro- 
portions, at one time a power that few men dared to 
dispute, or criticize. But today we see it lying pros- 
Irate on its back, with its legs turned up like a dying 
worm, endeavoring to again get on its feet, and to 



possibly rise and slaughter all it left untouched that 
is worth having. Will the tottering, prostrate Klan 
again rise to shake its bony fingers at a frightened 
and trembling public, or will the American people, 
now that this vulture is struggling for breath, smite 
it once more until the thing is dead for good and all? 
The outcome is for the future to disclose. 

I believe most thoroughly that H. W. Evans, 
through his criminal aggregation of state heads and 
local and county heads, is right now inaugurating the 
worst reign of terror this country has ever yet wit- 
nessed- Thousands are being whipped, not only now 
in the south, but right here in Pennsylvania, several 
girls just in their teens having been recently flogged 
most unmercifully near Philadelphia. All over the 
south the news comes sifting through the press of a 
repetition of Klan work of 1920 and 1922. Thousands 
who are flogged never make known the fact, for the 
Klan" leaders tell them if they divulge the secrets they 
will murder them next. Unless checked these flog- 
gings will soon be the every day menu, not only of the 
southern states, but of the northern states as well. 
That H. W. Evans is the one who is responsible for 
the setting in motion of the machinery for these flog- 
gings, I have not the slightest doubt, and that his 
henchmen are the ones who are putting them into 
execution I have every reason to believe. Finally, no | 
doubt, the aim of this, the most gigantic criminal 
America has ever wittnessed, at the proper and psy- 
cological moment, after he has driven old Klansmen 



back into his Invisible Empire, and after he has co- 
erced millions of others to join his treacherous and 
leprous kingdom, to order priests murdered, negroes 
flogged and beaten, Jews killed and all foreigners 
driven from the land, leaving him and his followers 
to possess the wealth and beauties of such of the 
country as would be left. 

And audacious program? He is an audacious 
man? A brutal program? He is a brutal man? An 
inhuman program? He is at the head of an inhuman 
organization. Can it be carried out? No, not if prop- 
er publicity is given to it; yes, if the American press 
lies low, cowering when duty calls for merciless pub- 

I was in the Klan long enough to know that there 
is so much hatred for the Catholic church in this 
country among the low class of white men, nearly 
nil non-church members, that were Evans to order a 
general burning at the stake of Catholic priests that 
hundreds of them would be the victims of brutal out- 
rages. There is but one disposition to make of 
Evans; let an impartial court and jury try him for 
I reason to the United States government and in this 
I rial connect every state head of the Klan, every 
( ! rand Dragon, and make them co-defendants for the 
nne crime, then bring every brutal act of the Klan 
1 1 gainst American citizens and make these acts their 
i els, for the Klan being a military organization, and 
[ts members having nothing to do but to obey, these 
ni(>n naturally are responsible for the acts of their 



subjects. If this were done almost every one of them 
could be convicted for treason. If the Klan is allowed 
to live, our government will fall. Which is the 
stronger, the Klan or the government? Who is the 
mightiest, Evans or the president of the United 
States ? We will see. 


Shameful and Criminal Practices of Klansmen Led 
By Corrupt Officials 

In a former chapter we explained how the officials 
of the Ku Klux Klan had corrupted everything they 
touched; how the Klan was put over by a bunch of 
as unscrupulous men as ever breathed free air; we 
named the men who were responsible for its exploita- 
tion and how they piled up for themselves millions 
of dollars. What is true of the national organization 
is also true of state and local organizations. The 
promoters of the Klan were out to make money, and 
money being always their great driving point they 
did not fear to commit any kind of a crime they 
thought would help them to make money out of their 
husiness, for with them the Klan was a business, and 

a mighty profitable business too. 

But with all their money-making they were preach- 
ing patriotism, and at every out-door meeting, and 
almost every other gathering one could go to, these 
leaders saw to it that plenty of flags and bunting 
were on hand to help them work up their audiences. 
These things had their effects on those who listened 
lo the fiery speeches as they would roll from the 
mouths of the glib speakers. Religion was stressed - ; 
Christ is a Xlansman's criterion. "Non silva sed an- 
ther,*' or "Not for self but for others," was the motto 
Klansmen were taught to live up to. All this sounded 
fine, but when we were told to "live for others" we 





had no idea these glib talkers had in mind Klan of- 
ficials when they would use the words "for others," 
for that is exactly what a Klansman's life was for, to 
sacrifice on the altar of humiliation that their leaders 
might coin piles of gold. "Non silva sed anther" cer- 
tainly was an appropriate motto if one has in mind 
the Klan officers. 

Then we were told that bootleggers must all be 
either run out of the country, or put in jail. How the 
bootleggers were pictured as hideous monsters all 
Klansmen can remember. Then the Jew was given 
a going-over, and we were told how the Jew is ruining 
this country, controlling about all the banks, direct- 
ing the great daily newspapers, exploiting the pic- 
ture shows, and that if he is allowed to continue in 
his wild race for wealth he will ultimately have all 
the American people at his feet, as serval slaves. 

The purity of the home was taken up, and on this 
Klan speakers would talk most earnestly, and urge 
on society the necessity of keeping the home spotless. 
This all sounded good. Little did the audience know 
that practically all Klan speakers who were sent out 
from abroad by the Klan officials were living impure 
lives themselves. However, it worked, it had its ef- 
fects, causing millions of men and women to believe 
that the Klan had a noble purpose in view. Along 
this line the negro was dwelt on, and the speakers 
would explain how the negro always has been a race 
of degenerates. Of course, these speakers knew noth- 
ing of the history of Egypt, or of the glorious his- 

tory of the great empires the black race at one 
time ruled over. They only saw the negro as he is 
today, not recognizing that if he was once able to 
rule empires that he might do so again; that he could 
once more climb as high on the social scale as he had 
climbed on former occasions. But this served their 
purpose, and the average man being himself more 
or less ignorant of history, drank all of it down as if 
it was good logic and sound reasoning. 

Then the Catholic was jumped on, and here is 
where the speakers would score most of their points. 
He pictured the Pope as worming his way into Amer- 
ica; he pictured the Pope getting ready to come to 
Washington, moving his Vatican to our national cap- 
ital. These false profits, out for what money they 
could make out of the game, declared in 1923 that the 
Pope was to set up his super government in Washing- 
Ion in 1925, move his Vatican to our national capital, 
Mild come himself and direct his campaign of subju- 
gation. The Knights of Columbus were pictured as 
having great armies ready to go out and do battle, 
lliese speakers declaring that the Knights of Colum- 
bus maintain regular arsenals of guns, bombs, pow- 
der, and everything needed in great rebellions. They 
maintained that in the basement of every Catholic 
Church these guns and instruments of war were stor- 
ed away, and that in all the schools, colleges, academ- 
les, old men's and children's homes, were found war- 
ring instruments, guns, and even cannons were said 
l<> be in these buildings. They were told that they 





taught their children to obey the Pope and to hate the 
United States government. These Klan speakers 
would relate in a most vivid way how Catholic priests 
would teach their subjects not to have anything to do 
with Protestants, that all Protestants were heathen, 
and that the children of Protetsants were illegitimate 
children, as their parents were not married. Ima- 
gine how an audience of Protestants, made up for the 
most part of those Protestants who did not read much 
history and who would like to have others do their 
thinking, would feel when these speakers would 
work themselves up into fever heat with gyrations 
and excitement, thundering against the Roman Cath- 
olic church with their mighty voices. Under such 
circumstances as these it was easy enough to get an 
audience composed of a thousand persons to give up 
a hundred klectokens, or a thousand dollars in all, 
and with hopes of obtaining many other new mem- 
bers later on. 

Possibly one of the strongest points these Klan 
speakers would make with the average audience 
would be when they would attack the morals of the 
priests. I have heard these speakers declare that all 
priests are immoral, that they make out of the nuns 
mere concubines; that instead of the priests having 
NO wives, they have many wives, all the nuns being 
recognized by them as their wives. To clinch this 
point these speakers would tell of finding babies in 
the cellars of homes for the nuns and in the cellars 
of Catholic schools; they would tell where babies were 

found in the basements of Catholic churches and 
other institutions, put away there, they would claim, 
by Catholic priests. Under those circumstances, it is 
no wonder the American Protestant in so large num- 
bers fell so easily for the rot they were being handed. 

"Fight the devil with his own fire" is the motto I 
have adopted in fighting the Klan leaders, and in 
fighting the Klan itself, for the institution is a danger- 
ous one, and must be destroyed. It is a military or- 
ganization, according to their own words, and as such 
it should be exposed. Fate has it, that every crime 
of which these speakers accused the Catholics being 
guilty they themselves are guilty of the same crimes- 
These speakers accused the Catholics of gathering 
together great arsenals of warring instruments, and 
the Klan leaders are doing the same thing, affidavits 
from Klansmen by the hundred proving it; they ac- 
cused the Catholic church of being disloyal to the 
United States government, and these Klan leaders 
have set up for themselves what is known by them as 
;i "super government," and they call its head an 
"Emperor," and seem to be proud of it; these Klan 
lenders teach their subjects to first be loyal to Hiram 
Wesley Evans, then their government comes next; 
indeed, their very oath indicates such to one who 
takes it; they accuse the Catholics of teaching their 
children to first obey the Pope, then the United States 
government, and this is exactly what the Klan leaders 
.tie doing, for the members of the Junior Klan are 
nil taught to obey the 'Emperor" first and then the 

The Wizzard is suppos- 
ed to have personally 
flogged over five hun- 
dred negroes. He's a 
successful Christianizer 



government next. These Klan leaders declare that 
all priests are immoral. I never met a Klan leader 
in my life that I believed was living a straight moral 
life; they were rotten, drunken, many of them dope 
fiends, and about all of them were licentious. They 
accused the priests of doing away with their babies 
born to the nuns, while these Klan leaders them- 
selves had babies scattered all over the country 
where they had traveled. They accused the priests 
of almost every conceivable immoral practice, and 
these very Klan leaders would get out with the Klan 
leaders of the women and carouse around all night, 
some of them drunken, some half drunk, and all of 
them having a good time with other men's wives, 
these other men's wives often being the Kleagles of 
the women's Klan. 

Don't say these are just mere charges and can not 
he proved, for in this very book we give affidavit after 
affidavit proving all these things. There never was 
a more immoral bunch of men living than those at 
the head of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. There 
is not a local Klan in the United States, if it ever at- 
tained to a membership of one hundred persons, but 
(hat had one or a dozen of these scandals to crop out 
right in its midst. Any Klansman who attended with 
any degree of regularity can testify to this fact. 
Those concerned in immoral practices were always 
the leaders. And yet these leaders presume to crit- 
icise the Roman Catholic Church for immorality, 
treason and murder. We are simply slinging back 





into the dirty faces of these leaders the sentiment of 
Nathan when he said to David, "Thou art the man." 
When we hear these Klan leaders making charges like 
the above against the Catholic priests, or against any 
other body of people, we declare "Thou art the man," 
and before we get through with this chapter we pro- 
pose to prove it. 

Keeping in mind the above let us examine for 
a while the actual workings of a state Klan, and on 
down to its local fabric. Let us take, for instance, 
Pennsylvania, and see what the Klan is under the 
rule of Hiram Wesley Evans in this very state. Penn- 
sylvania is by no means the worst state. Today the 
Klan governor of Indiana stands indicted by a grand 
jury; the Klan mayor of Indianapolis was forced to 
resign as mayor and is indicted on a number of ser- 
ious charges. At the time this is being written Mayor 
Duvall of Indianapolis stands convicted as a criminal, 
has resigned his office, and Governor Ed Jackson is 
being tried for bribery. What is true of Pennsylvania 
is true of every state in the union so far as the Klan 

Late in 1920 a person by the name of Sam Rich 
came to this state and set up headquarters in Pitts- 
burgh under an advertising agency. Rich dug 
around for a while and secured a following, among 
whom were a number of ministers of the gospel in 
the local western Pennsylvania churches. Remem- 
ber, now, that under the Klan government, it being 
a military organization, and the Emperor, or Wizard, 

having all power, Rich was working directly under 
him and the acts of Rich are the acts of the Wizard. 
Rich was brought here by D. C. Stephenson, the Big 
Klan Dragon of Indiana, Stephenson at that time hav- 
ing under his control the heads of twenty-one states, 
Pennslyvania being one of these states. Stephenson 
is now serving a life term in the Indiana state peni- 
tentiary for the foul murder and mutilation of a 
young Indianapolis girl. Rich, as it turned out, was 
just about such a man as Stephenson, except he did 
not have the intellect Stephenson had, yet did possess 
the cunning Stephenson possessed. 

Rich gathered around him all sorts of organizers, 
hut most of them were soon banished, or they quit, 
or else they turned out bad and went along with the 
rest of the gang. Possibly over a hundred organizers, 
Kleagles, etc., were brought to Pennsylvania from 
I lie south, some of them from Indiana, and as to 
these they all turned out bad. Generally these or- 
ganizers would get in trouble with people's wives in 
the towns and cities in which they were working, and 
I hat would destroy their usefulness there, so they 
would be transferred to other territory, and then 
other organizers would be sent into the territory out 
of which the first batch was driven. This was kept 
tip for several years, and to a very large degree clear 
until Rich himself was driven from the state in 
shame and disgrace. Out of all the principal organ- 
i Eers that ever worked for Rich, there are not a dozen 
of them today who are respected at their homes as 



a man, and every one of these are banished from the 
Klan by the foul men at its head, most of them with- 
out a trial. Certainly, hundreds of local fellows who 
became Kleagles in a small way, and worked for 
Rich for a while, are still respectable men, but these 
fellows have long since ceased their connection with 
the Klan and are earning their living in their own 
communities in a legitimate way. It would be safe 
to say, that out of that class of persons who worked 
for Rich, seventy-five per cent were banished and 
the others quit. If you have a good moral standing 
at home, known for your honesty, and then work 
yourself up in your local Klan to the point where 
some of the boys want you to go higher, the state 
heads will kill you off by banishing you. No, the 
state heads do not want honest and moral men with 

During the five years Sam Rich was at the head of 
the Klan in Pennsylvania he was guilty of almost 
every crime known to the criminal laws of the state 
or nation. As to the nation, he surely was guilty of 
treason. He beat the United States government out of 
tens of thousands of income tax, and that crime is 
not a minor one, either. He used the United States 
mails to defraud the people, and that crime is a hein- 
ous one. He is guilty of murder, or attempted mur- 
der. He would come under the lynch law, for on 
more than one occasion he aided in lynching, or try- 
ing to lynch, two negroes, having a barrel of oil in 
one instance ready to put the negro in, then hang him 



and set fire to his clothes. On the other occasion the 
negro had the rope tied to his neck, drawn up, kept 
there until his tongue stuck out, and then some mem- 
ber of the crowd got cold feet and he was taken 
down. After the poor fellow was taken down he 
was kicked in the stomach, kicked in the mouth, 
cut, bruised and then the dirty bunch under the com- 
mand of Sam Rich left him to get home the best the 
poor fellow could. On the other occasion the fellow 
Sam Rich had ordered to bring the negro did not 
show up with his man, and then Rich banished him 
from the Klan for "lack of bravery." 

While in the Klan Rich fomented riots, of course 
all this under the direction of Hiram Wesley Evans. 
According to affidavits filed in the Federal courts 
Sam Rich and Doc Evans are responsible for the 
Carnegie Riot and for the death of Thomas R. Abbott. 
Sam Rich had intended to have H. E. A. MacNeeL 
Of Kittanning, killed, instead of Thomas R. Abbott, 
I he one shooting Abbott simply getting the "wrong 
man." An affidavit is filed in the Federal Court 
•ill owing this to be the case. 

While here Sam Rich organized more than one 
fraudulent stock game, selling over three hundred 
thousand dollars of this worthless stock to the Klan 
hoys throughout the state- He and his associates 
alole every cent of the money derived from the sale 
of this stock and never has made any effort or at- 
h'mpt to pay it back. It is a certainty that Hiram 
Wesley Evans shared liberally in the divide of this 



loot as Evans was one of the big promoters back of 
the fake "Dispatch Publishing Company," and he 
surely would not have been promoting its sale if he 
had not been getting a divide. Evans stated on the 
platform while making an address at Carnegie that 
he himself owned over fifty per cent of the stock in 
the Dispatch Publishing Company and that the paper 
would always be a Klan paper. He advised all the 
boys present to take stock in the company and help 
them to "keep America in the hands of the Protest- 
ants." Both Rich and Evans knew when the Wizard 
made that speech that the paper never would be pub- 
lished a day, and Evans made it to help Sam Rich un- 
load the fraudulent stock. 

Several things protected Sam Rich while he was in 
Pennsylvania, or else he would have been driven out 
long before he was. One of these was the soft-headed 
bunch he had to deal with. One could insult the av- 
erage Klansman, skin him alive, spit upon him, and 
abuse him in almost any other way, and he would 
usually take it. In other words, if Rich "pulled the 
legs of Klansmen" the average Klansman did not 
have the nerve to fight back. This saved the King 
Kleagle from deserved prosecution in more than a 
thousand different cases. Then Sam Rich had the 
Wizard behind him in all he undertook. It is said 
that Sam Rich was closer to Hiram Wesley Evans 
for a longer period of time than any other one man 
in America. Sam Rich today is one of the Wizard's 
closest friends, and while Rich is no longer in Penn- 



sylvania, yet he is drawing down a fancy salary from 
the Wizard for work he is now doing. Sam Rich be- 
ing the kind of a man we have declared above, all of 
which is supported by many affidavits filed in the 
Pittsburgh Federal Courts, what kind of a man 
would Evans need to be to cause him to embrace 
Pennsylvania's ex-Grand Dragon so long and lov- 

With this cursory review of the activities of Sam 
Kich let us now get down to more detail and to local 
facts and incidents as they took place over the state, 
proven and certified to by an army of Klansmen in 
such a manner that the truth of these stories as we 
narrate them can hardly be doubted. Let us take the 
horirble butchery at Carnegie as it occured on that 
fateful and terrible night of Aug. 25, 1923, and trace 

I he crimes and the outrages committed on Klansmen 
at that place to their proper and rightful source, 

Down south the flogging of negroes enabled the 
Klan leaders to reap vast harvests of new members. 
Up north that cruel system did not work so well 
mid it never was used up here as a means to obtain 
new members- When it was used it was generally 
for the purpose of affording sport for a few of the 
Klan leaders, the rank and file of the Klan up north 
Hot even being told that such practices were carried 
Oil inside the Klan. The lash was used up north 
i|iiite frequently to keep recalcitrant Klansmen mum 
ii nd to "instill the fear of God in their hearts." This 

II also testified to by a number of Klansmen in their 




affidavits in the Federal Courts. But up north an-, 
other plan did work, and it worked well, in obtain- 
ing new members. The plan as inaugurated under 
the Evans rule was to have riots up here; get the 
Catholics and Protestants to lighting each other; to 
create conditions whereby Klansmen themselves 
would be murdered. Tha,t stirred the "good red blood 
in the veins of every Protestant American," these 
Klan speakers would yell to the top of their voice 
after they would have finished telling how Klansmen 
were "killed" and "beaten and murdered" by Cath- 
olics and foreigners. That surely did stir up the 
hearts of most Americans when they would hear 
these leaders belch forth in all their fury their hat- 
reds to the Catholic church. We take the Carnegie 
riot as a single illustration because it has become 
more widely known than any other riot caused by 
the leaders of the Klan and also because it served 
their purposes for which it was created better and 
brought them in more money than any other one 
riot they created. 


The Cornegie Riot 

Sam Rich was in his hey-dey; Evans was reaping 
millions out of the klectokens of the boys who would 
join. More members are needed, for the old adage 
"make hay while the sun shines" was being put in 
practice by Evans and his horde of purloiners. So 
a great day was planned at Carnegie, the most foreign 
neighborhood, with one or two exceptions, in the 
Pittsburgh district. Surely a Klansmen will be kill- 
ed there, thought these two human pirates, Evans 
and Rich. It was planned to have thirty thousand 
Klansmen present and they were to meet on the 
great hill overlooking that peaceful and industrail 
Pittsburgh district. Early in the day the Klansmen 
began to arrive and a veritable stream of white robed 
men and women, and often children, kept pouring 
into the fields until late in the evening. Possibly 
twenty thousand were there, some driving for fifty 
and a hundred miles, to "see the sights," as it had been 
most thoroughly and systematically advertised 
throughout all this region and even into Ohio and 
West Virginia. Klansmen by the thousands left 
their work, "got a day off," quit their business, jump- 
ed into their cars, took their families along, and all 
I hat they might, as they thought, do something to 
"keep America Protestant.*' 

A Klansman must be killed; two aQ the better, but 



kill one by all means, was the motto of Sam Rich and 
Doc. Evans if we take into consideration all the tes- 
timony bearing on that question. Both Rich and 
Evans desired to make sure that a Klansman is kill- 
ed, if again we must believe what seems to be un- 
disputable evidence. These two un-American human 
pirates, from all we can learn, selected Harry E. A. 
MacNeel as the one to have "knocked off" that night, 
in case the riot occurred, and they were going to see 
to it that a riot WOULD occur if the foreign element 
and the Catholics of Carnegie could be goaded into 
fighting. Their man having been selected to be shot, 
or murdered, it seems that these two men, Evans 
and Rich, had secured a gunman, from where we do 
not know, to do the shooting. This "gunman" may 
have been a member of the "Homestead Wrecking 
Crew," which is another name for a gang of gunmen, 
and then again he may have been secured from some 
organized society of gunmen from New York, or 
some other great city. But it appears they had se- 
cured the gunman, if we are to believe the affidavits 
sworn to by more than one Klansman, from the 
"Homestead Wrecking Crew," an organization of 
murderers the Homestead Klan had organized among 
its leading members. At least two witnesses have tes- 
tified that they saw a Klansman shoot Abbott, and in 
ten minutes after they shot him Abbott was dead. 

All afternoon and evening the entire hill was a reg- 
ular foment of excitement; it seemed that every one 
there was expecting trouble, and fight was just about 




all that was discussed. It was not known by these 
Klansmen and their wives and children that the hu- 
man brutes at the head of the Klan wanted trouble 
that they might coin the blood of Klansmen into gold, 
for had it been these pirates themselves would no 
doubt have been murdered before they had an op- 
portunity to leave the hill. Late in the evening 
everything was ready; Klansmen had been worked 
up into a frenzy by exciting and inflaming speeches; 
the authorities in Carnegie fearing trouble had denied 
the Klan the right to parade in the streets of that 
city; the Klan leaders on the hill, those at the head 
of the super government, had declared that they 
would parade in spite of the civil authorities. If this 
is not treason what is tieason? The Klan is a mili- 
tary organization, with its members sworn to obey 
its officials and to respect the edicts and orders of its 
emperor. The acts of the Klan are the acts of the 
Klan Emperor. 

The people of the city having been worked up to 
the highest pitch of excitement, the Klansmen and 
Klanswomen also having been stirred to a point of 
desperation, both sides were fixed, as Evans and 
Rich had planned it to be done, for trouble- Almost 
midnight the parade started IN SPITE OF and in defi- 
ance to the civil authorities of Carnegie. 

Harry E. A. MacNeel, who is in his sixties, as well 
as a cripple, but who is known throughout a number 
of states as a prominent member of the Knights of 
Malta, was placed at the head of the parade, or just 



back of those leading it, with Thomas R. Abbott just 
in front of him. Sam Rich and Hiram W. Evans 
stationed themselves about thirty feet behind Mac- 
Neel, evidently so as to witness the terrible scene 
they seem to have so cunningly planned. The riot oc- 
curred just as it was arranged for it to occur. No one 
who was there would deny that the foreign element 
in Carnegie was goaded on to do what it did do. 
If outraged members of the Catholic church had shot 
a hundred Klansmen they could have hardly been 
blamed for doing so, for these persons had been in- 
sulted by the burning of fiery crosses, the shooting 
of pistols, the howling and hissing of Klansmen, until 
they were not normal, and under such circumstances 
as these, could not well be normal. The riot had not 
been started three minutes until the firing of a gun 
from an alley brought down Thomas R. Abbott, of 
Atlasburg, Pa., a young Klansman who had been ini- 
tiated that night among two thousand other persons. 
Abbott falling into the arms of Harry E. A. MacNeel, 
who was just behind him, Abbott dying in a few 
minutes . Sam Rich and Doc. Evans saw their man 
fall, evidently thinking it was MacNeel, and they 
started to run for the rear, with their hats off, yelling 
to the marching Klansmen to right about face- Both 
Evans and Rich proved themselves to Le cowards, 
not even stopping to defend the women and child- 
ren in the crowd, nor going and helping to -, care for 
Abbott and the other wounded Klansmen. Scores 
of Klansmen were wounded. It is testified to by sev- 



eral persons making affidavits, that at least FOUR 
persons were killed. Evidently MacNeel had been 
placed at the head of the marchers, the gunman was 
shown him and told to pick him off when the line 
reached a certain point. The gunman got the wrong 
man. McDermott, a local undertaker, and a Catho- 
lic, was tried for the shooting and killing but came 
clear. No further efforts were ever made by Klan 
attorneys to discover the guilty party, for the lead- 
ers of the Klan evidently knew how Abbott was shot, 
and certainly for what purpose he was shot. It is 
clear that McDormatt was framed by Rich, Evans and 

We have dozens of affidavits concerning the Carne- 
gie Riot, and every one of them assert the murder 
was all planned, and planned for the purpose of en- 
abling Evans and his bunch of gangsters to gather in 
new members. Evans stated on the platform that 
very evening after Abbott had been killed that his 
murder would give the Klan twenty-five thousand 
new members, and months after it had happened 
his national organ declared that through the death 
of Thomas R. Abbott the Klan had reaped a harvest 
of twenty-five thousand new members. When Evans 
made his first statement concerning the possibilities 
of the death of Abbott the murdered Klansman had 
not grown cold in death. Wounded Klansmen were 
lying on the grass right under the Wizzard's feet, the 
Wizzard standing on a platform making his talk. 
Harry E. A. MacNeel has filed an affidavit in the Fed- 



eral Courts in which he discusses as an eye witness 
the Carnegie riot, and there can be no more interest- 
ing reading, or helpful revelations made, than for us 
to quote liberally from that affidavit, as follows: 


Harry E. A. MacNeel, being duly sworn according 
to law, deposes and says that he was connected with 
the plaintiff corporation, the Knights of the Ku Klux 
Klan, from November, 1921, to September, 1924, and 
during which time he acted as Exalted Cyclops of 
Kittanning Klan Provisional, and Kleagle of Arm- 
strong County, Pennsylvania, that he was instrumen- 
tal in getting approximately five thousand members 
naturalized into the plaintiff corporation; that he 
was promised $4.00 per member for every applicant 
taken into said organization of each Klecktoken fee 
of $10-00, but was only paid on about six hundred 
members, or Twenty Four Hundred Dollars, and that 
there is now due and owing this verifier from plain- 
tiff corporation the sum of approximately Seventeen 
Thousand Six Hundred Dollars, but on September 
23rd, 1924, this verifier was banished from said Or- 
ganization without notice and trial, or any charges 
preferred, and settlement and balance due was re- 
fused, and the same is still owing and due this veri- 
fier for his labors in behalf of the plaintiff corpora- 
tion. This verifier says that his character and repu- 
tation has been ruined and damaged on account of 
his connection with the above Organization, and its 



unlawful methods of procedure, and illegal acts. That 
he was present in the State Office in the Jenkins Ar- 
cade Building in the City of Pittsburgh, Penna., and 
overheard a conversation between the Imperial Rep- 
resentative, Sam D, Rich, and one Dr. Daughtery, in 
which was discussed the kidnapping of the four year 
old Ulrich child, and which Dr. Daugherty objected 
to the plaintiff corporation participating in such out- 
rages, but that the said Sam D. Rich insisted that on 
behalf of the Klan, and for its good, he, as the acting 
Grand Dragon and Imperial Representative, intended 
to get the child from its mother and give it to its 
father, George Ulrich, and which child was after- 
wards kidnapped by Sam D. Rich and a band of 
Klansmen in East Liberty. It was through the know- 
ledge of this verifier, of this and many other illegal 
and unlawful acts, that caused the Sam D. Rich to 
banish this verifier on the above date. This verifier 
has reason and cause to believe that on account of 
his knowledge of these various criminal acts he was 
a marked man, and was intended to be shot instead 
of Thomas R. Abbott at the Carnegie riot on August 
25th, 1923. That all expenses and costs of the various 
demonstrations held throughout the Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania were borne by the plaintiff corpora- 
tion as will be shown by an audit report herewith 
filed in connection with this affidavit That in the 
year 1926 the said Sam D. Rich received a salary of 
$10,000.00 per annum, and his fees coming from 
newly naturalized members in the Eastern part of 



Pennsylvanai amounted to $32,000.00 additional, 
making his income amount to approximately $42,- 
000.00 as shown by the report exhibited at the trial 
of the said Sam D. Rich, and now in possession of 
the plaintiff corporation, and yet the plaintiff corpor- 
ation never expended one cent for the relief of the 
needy members of said Order. This verifier further 
says that the plaintiff corporation pays its spekaers 
as much as $50.00 per night, has a horde of private 
detectives and secret service men on high salaries, 
has the most expensive offices possible in the City of 
Washington, D. C, for its attorneys and Imperial 
officials, who travel in private cars, and put up at the 
most expensive hotels. The Imperial Wizard has 
always with him his private body guards, while the 
plaintiff corporation is well supplied with gunmen 
and sluggers who are always present whenever oc- 
casion arises. This "Invisible Empire," with its Em- 
peror, is an independent military organization of its 
own, and is run separate and apart from the United 
States. The Imperial Representative and Active 
Grand Dragon of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva- 
nia had more than sixty under cover men employed 
to spy on the membership of the Knights of the Ku 
KIux Klan in the State of Pennsylvania, all of whose 
salaries and expenses were borne by plaintiff cor- 
poration. To the demonstration of the plaintiff cor- 
poration held at Kittanning on September 13th, 1924, 
a large visiting delegation from Ohio came fully 
equipped with sawed-off shot guns concealed under 



their robes, anticipating trouble with the citizens of 
Kittanning, many of whom are Catholics, foreigners, 
and holding different creeds of belief, and many of 
whom are property owners and tax payers residing 
within the Borough of Kittanning. I might add that 
this demonstration there was an approximate at- 
tendance of between forty and fifty thousand Klan 
men, many of whom had come from several sur- 
rounding states. In the Fall of 1923 verifier was fur- 
nished with several hundred blank forms and re- 
quested to make oue detailed reports of each and 
every happening that might be of interest to the of- 
ficials at Pittsburgh and at Atlanta, in order that rep- 
remands might be made as the officials saw fit. A 
copy of the report was to be retained for my own 
filesj one copy went to Sam D- Rich, Imperial Repre- 
sentative, for his use, and the third copy for the use 
of the office at Pittsburgh, and the fourth and last 
copy was sent to the Imperial Wizard so that he could 
keep in touch with all matters and scandals of each 
community. A spy system on all neighbors is kept 
up and blackmailing was very frequently resorted 
to. At the time of my banishment a Mr. Wolf, and 
several other Klansmen forcefully entered my apart- 
ment and made a complete search of all my property 
and belongings, and carried away many of my valu- 
able papers in order to ascertain if anything was in 
verifier's posession which might be damaging and in- 
criminating against the plaintiff organization, or any 
ff its officials. 



The Ku Klux Klan ia the game, whether in the South or in the North The 
lash is used everywhere by the Klan Icwlow. While thousands of negroes 
were whipped throughout the South by Klan leaders were tortured in every 
state of the Union. The above ncene represent several Klan leaders hanging 
a negro near Pittsburgh, Pa., after the Grand Dragon had ordered the beastly 
deed carried out. One of the Klansmen who was helping in the brutal affair 
got "cold feet" and cut the rope before the negro had been killed. After the 
poor fellow fell to the ground, he was kicked and bruised and left to get home 
the best he could. The North can no longer point the finger of scorn at the 
South. The Klan has introduced brutality into even the Quaker State 

This verifier now says that from an intimate know- 
ledge of the plaintiff corporation dated back as early 
us November, 1921, he is able to say that the Knights 
of the Ku Klux Klan is an enemy of law and order, a 
foe of Christianity and civilization, a wrecker of civil 
and religious liberty, a violator of the Constitution of 
the United States, an organized system of murder, 
lorture, arson, lynching, kidnapping, fomenter of pri- 
vate hatreds, and in my judgement from actual per- 
sonal knowledge obtained, the greatest and most gi- 
gantic criminal conspiracy that ever existed in Amer- 
ica. It should be dealt with as a traitor to God and 
country. The most vile and wicked outrage of it all 
is that the hooded mask is used by the plaintiff Cor- 
poration as the refuge of the coward, the scoundrel, 
and highwayman, to conceal its identity and assist in 
the organized perpetration of criminal outrages. 

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has what they 
denominate as their "official dynamiters," and with 
the fiery cross, indulge in warning citizens, and more 
especially Catholics, of diff erent communities. In 
the month of June, 1924, to the personal knowledge 
of this verifier, a band of hooded and masked Klans- 
men, under the command of the plaintiff corpora- 
tion, and its officials, visited a farmer in Armstrong 
County, Pennsylvania, near the village of Worthing- 
ton, placed a card on the front door of his home with 
a threatening warning styled as the "First Warning," 
and signed "K. K. K.** They erected a fiery cross in 
his front yard, and exploded a charge of dynamite 





with such terrific force as to hreak all the windows 
in his dwelling house, and cracked glasses in the win- j 
dows of the dwellings of Worthington, approximate- 
ly a distance of four miles away, this all being a part 
of the "First Warning." This man was a Russellite, 
and it being a part of the lesson as taught to the Klans- 
men by the Imperial Wizard, Hiram Wesley Evans, 
himself, that "this warning would throw the fear of 
God into the hearts of aliens," (the Catholics, the 
Jews, the negroes and foreigners). This verifier has 
heard it proclaimed from the speeches and inflama- 
tory utterances of their paid speakers delivered in j 
the various Klaverns, that the time will come when 
we must have a religious war, and it will be neces- 
sary to shoot Catholic priests down in the streets 
like dogs. Every occurrance and demonstration and 
parade was in competition with each other, and the 
ambition to pull off the rawest and most wierd ex- 
citable and sensational stunts, such as riots, lynch- 
ings, kidnappings, tar and feathering people. All of 
these intimidations were to be pulled off without any 
efforts of giving the parties notice, any opportunity 
of trial or defence, and constitutional justice, but in 
fact to establish an "Invisible Empire" under the "Im- 
perial Wizard," with the ultimate intention of en- 
circling the entire globe, and crushing out all Catho- 
lics, Jews and negroes, and mnke the whole world 
one powerful "Invnsible Empire" having only one 
head, whose word sha be law, and his name was to 
have been the Imperial Wizard, Hiram Wesley Evans. 

All of the above facts I know, my knowledge be- 
ing obtained through a close and intimate connection 
with the Imperial Wizard, Hiram Wesley Evans, and 
with the Imperial Representatives and Acting Grand 
Dragons, Sam D. Rich and others, while carrying out 
the duties assigned to me while connected with the 
State Office and the Imperial Palace at Atlanta, Ga. I 
was very frequently told by the said Sam D. Rich 
that he could get anything he wanted from the Im- 
perial Wizard. This verifier further says that he has 
personally met and conversed with the Imperial Wiz- 
ard, Hiram Wesley Evans, frequently, and has heard 
him speak on numerous occasions, and his very 
presence is a signal for violence and riots- The in- 
flamatory addresses delivered against the Catholics, 
the Jews, Negroes and foreigners, are calculated to 
stir up religious strife and racial prejudice to such an 
extent that riots and lawlessness follow. The dem- 
onstrators at many places become aroused, and mur- 
der, riots, and outrages are the result. Before be- 
coming a Kleagle each Kleagle was required to sign 
the oath of allegiance to obey and forever stand loyal 
to the Imperial Wizard. A true and correct copy of 
such oath of allegiance is herewith filed. 


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 31st day 
of August, A. D., 1927. 

R. E. ZUKER, Notary Public. 



Many Startling Affidavits 

We have printed the foregoing affidavit of Mr. Mac- 
Neel in almost its entirety because it reveals so many 
hideous things, not alone as to the Carnegie Riot 
hut as to many other criminal activities on the part 
of the officials of the Ku Klux Klan. The size of this 
hook will not permit of many affidavits being print- 
ed, and for that reason we satisfy ourselves by print- 
ing from them merely excerpts. Coroborating what 
Mr. MacNeel says regarding the Carnegie Riot and 
that both Evans and Rich had planned to have at 
least one Klansman killed at that place, are the affi- 
davits of Roy F. Barkley and many others, Mr. Bark- 
ley being very close to both Rich and Evans, at one 
time one of the highest in position in the state. 

Another affidavit filed in the Federal Courts in 
Pittsburgh and Erie that we feel should be given in 
almost its entirety, and that in justice to the thous- 
ands of persons who have never dreamed that such 
outrages could possibly be committed in a civilized 
country like this, is that of Mr. Barkley, whom we 
have described above. Were it not for the fact that 
he is protected by the statutes of limitation Mr. Bark- 
ley would have incriminated himself in this affidavit 
to such an extent that he could be tried for many 
crimes, all committed under the order and by the 
direction of Sam D. Rich, the state Grand Dragon, 

and Hiram Wesley Evans, the national Wizard. Mr. 
Barkley's affidavit sheds so much light on the sub- 
ject that we give it as follows: 

Roy F. Barclay being duly sworn according to law 
deposes and says that he is a citizen of Pennsylvania, 
and a resident of Allegheny County, situated at No. 
12 Elmont Street, City of Pittsburgh, and is thirty- 
five years of age, is married and has two children and 
is by profesison a private detective, being at the head 
of the Barclay Detective Agency, and has resided in 
the City of Pittsburgh all his life. That he was 
Kleagle of the plaintiff corporation with a commis- 
sion issued from Atlanta, Georgia, later the author- 
ized investigator for the State of Pennsylvania, 
known as G. 2 of Pennsylvania, there being only one 
other person superior to me in authority within the 
said Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, namely Sam 
D. Rich who was G. 1, and who acted as Grand Dra- 
gon of plaintiff corporation. Also verifier was Exalt- 
ed Cyclops of Central Klan No. 1 and later designated 
No- 32, Province No. 2, Realm of Pennsylvania, and 
acted in this capacity for fourteen months, being in 
all in the service of the Klan from July, 1922 until and 
including October, 1924, and during which time be- 
came very familiar with all of the inside workings 
of the Klan and all of its officers, also received in- 
structions from the Imperial Wizard and my services 
were paid for weekly by the plaintiff corporation 
from the Imperial Palace at Atlanta, Georgia. 

That the plaintiff corporation was responsible for 





a riot at Carnegie, Pa., on August 25th, 1923, in 
which a klansman was slain and many others wound- 
ed; with the attempted lynching of a negro at Beaver 
Pa., ahout July 6th, 1923, the kidnapping of a four 
year-old child in East Liberty, Pa., on June 4th, 1923- 
with the attempted lynching of a negro barber at' 
Oakdale, Pa. about July 12th, 1923; of laying in wait 
for a negro at Kennywood Park, Pa. about July 20th, 
1923; of the knocking off of a man named Wilmot 
in Brentwood Borough, Pa. about August, 1923; of a 
riot at McKees Rocks in the Spring of 19223;* of a 
riot at Scottdale, Pa. about April 1st, 1923; and an- 
other riot at Lilly, Cambria County, Pa. about April 
5th, 1924, at which several lives were lost and many 

That on August 25th, 1923 occurred the Carnegie 
not m Allegheny County incited and brought about 
and instigated by Hiram Wesley Evans, then Imperial 
Wizard, the highest known executive of the Klan and 
who styled himself as the Wizard of this military 
organization, this riot was caused by the Imperial 
Wizard who failed to secure a permit to march 
through the Borough of Carnegie and wh gave the 
command to disregard all civil authorities and march 
the Klan through the streets of Carnegie without a 
permit. Verifier w;»s on (his occasion the marshall 
of the day under the direction, command and coercian 
of the Imperial Wizard who directed some 21 000 
hooded fctanamen in full regalia (o march through the 
Borough of Carnegie, and at which time on account 

of religious prejudice and race hatred which had al- 
ready been aroused through thousands of indignant 
foreigners, many of whom could not speak the Eng- 
lish language, were frothing like mad dogs, ready to 
fight, and when this body of hooded Klansmen were 
turned loose from the field at the command of the Im- 
perial Wizard and began their march without 
mit with the American flag floating, fiery crosses 
burning which means a declaration of war and sing- 
ing to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers March- 
ing on to War" and with the spectacle of pirates to the 
early ages entering and invading an unguarded vil- 
lage, but which met with opposition, bloodshed and 
murder. Thomas R. Abbott losing his life in this riot 
and many were seriously wounded with shotguns, 
stones and clubs. 

The next real episode which I was directed to com- 
mand under the direction and coercion of Sam D. 
Rich was the attempted lynching of a negro at 
Beaver, Pa., about July 6th, 1923, and at which time 
Sam D. Rich called me into the Grand Dragon's office 
and gave me his Imperial and official robe and sent 
he homes and teaching the women to murder and kill 
me out under directions with John Hockenberger, 
Thomas Greaves, J. E. Bollih, Charles W. Davis, 
Thomas Lamar, Herbert D. Seger and two other 
klansmen from East Liberty whose names I do not 
recall, all Klansfrieri, the said Charles W. Davis being 
the Exalted Cyclobs of Cairneigie, Thbmas Lamar 
being Exalted Cyclops of Coropclis, and I Was then 



Exalted Cyclops of Central No. 32. We proceeded as 
directed by the said Sam D. Rich, acting as Grand 
Dragon of plaintiff corporation, and took this negro 
by the neck, after some of the Klansmen giving him 
a flogging and kicking him in the privates, and ah 
details were reported back to the said Sam D. Rich 
and the plaintiff corporation and the Imperial Wiz- 
ard became familiar with all of the details of the 

On several other occasions above given this verifier 
was directed under the command and coercion of the 
Acting Grand Dragon, Sam D. Rich, to carry out the 
attempted lynching of other negroes, and it was not 
infrequent that many of these sensational escapades 
were conducted in the name of the plaintiff corpora- 
iotn, and the Imperial Wizard was kept fully advised 
what was going on, it being his system of education 
and method of building up the plaintiff corporation, 
the said Imperial Wizard boasting many times that 
the Carnegie riot and the death of Thomas A. Abbott, 
a Klansman, had added twenty-five thousand new 
members to the plaintiff organization, and that the 
Lilly riot had added at least ten thousand new mem- 
bers, notwithstanding the fact it costs the plaintiff 
corporation many thousand dollars expenses, and j 
which they gladly paid out of the funds of the nation- 
al organization. 

On June 4th, 1923, occurred the kidnapping of a 
four-year-old daughter of Mrs. Margaret Ulrich in 
East Liberty, residing with her grandparents, Mr. 



and Mrs. Mathews, at 623 North Negley Av nue, East 
Liberty, and which was directed kidnapped under the 
supervision and direction of Sam D. Rich, Acting 
Grand Dragon of plaintiff c rporation, and who was 
present at East Liberty at the time himself, and most 
all of the Klansmen were armed with revolvers and 
it took several automobiles to accomplish the job, and 
all this was accomplished for the benefit of the 
father of the child, Mr. George Ulrich of Mt. Oliver 
at the expense of the plaintiff corporation. 

I will relate just one more instant of the many that 
occurred while I was under the Imperial Wizard and 
that is on behalf of myself and what I shall term 
masked justice- 
One of my co-workers, Henry C.Howard, who had 
been with me on several occasions but owing to the 
fact he was turning our Lodge room into a poker 
joint it became my duty to chastise him severely and 
on this account he became my bitter enemy, and had 
his friend to prefer some trivial charges against me, 
being afraid to do so himself and for the reason he 
was implicated with me in many of our sensational 
escapades, so I resigned as Exalted Cyclops, and a 
committee took charge of Central Klan No. 32 and 
attempted to give me a trial, but being some what 
familiar with the game myself I demanded that the 
papers of the Imperial Wizard be produced for au- 
thority, and this could not be done so all that was 
accomplished was the hooded Klansmen having met 
and exhibited something like seven revolvers at the 



trial, but when the case was finally referred 
back to Central Kian No. 32 for action, Klansman 
Henry C. Howard being in close touch with the newly 
elected Exalted Cyclops named all of the jury him- 
self and acted as foreman of the jury but since no one 
could see any of the hooded Klansmen this was ac- 
complished without great difficulty and brother 
Howard returned a verdict of guilty against me. 
The Grand Dragon and Imperial Wizard then 
both refused to grant me a new trial and so I was 
compelled through masked justice to have my bitter- 
est enemy, Henry C. Howard, pass guilt upon me and 
he remained at the head of this organization down 
at Central Kian No. 32 where he and another named 
Brownie board and batch and play poker. I might 
add that this Kian rose to a membership of 2100 un- 
der my management but since leaving under Klans- 
man Howard's administration it is now only forty- 
nine as the real law-abiding Klansmen would not 
stand for masked justice of this brand and call it 100 
per cent Americanism. 

All of the expenses of the abdve escapades were 
graciously born by plaintiff corporation and details 
of which were given to both the Grand Dragon and 
Imperial Wizard who acquiesced in it all. 

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 17th day 
of August, A. D. 1927- 

R. E. Zuker, Notary Public 
Another affidavit filed in the same court that 



reads like the story of Nero, or Ivy, or of some cruel, 
inhuman brute of the Dark Ages, is that of Fred J. 
Leavitt, and for the most part we give it just as he 
handed it in to the court, taking out some few para- 
graphs that we need not burden our readers with. 
Read this affidavit and then try to imagine you live 
in a civilized country. It follows: 

Verifier has heard inflamatory speeches made by 
Herbert C. Shaw, Grand Dragon of Pennsylvania, 
against the Catholics, Jews, Negroes and -foreigners 
calculated to stir up religious feeling and racial pre- 
judice and has done so in many instances of which 
this verifier has special and direct knowledge. 

That upon accurate knowledge received and had 
furnished this verifier he states as a matter of fact 
that the plaintiff corporation furnished its members 
or a great number of them with revolvers for the 
Carnegie riot which occurred on August 25th, 1925, 
at Carnegie, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and 
that something over six hundred revolvers were pick- 
ed up by the County detectives after the riot and just 
after word was given out that a search of all retreat- 
ing Klansmen were to be made, the said Klansmen 
having dropped their revolvers in order that firearms 
would not be found on their person or in their posses- 
sion and this was immediately after the riot and these 
revolvers were found on the field something in the 
neighborhood of three bushel baskets full. Also 
ten were severely wounded of which three were stab- 
bed, four were shot, while three had their skulls frac- 



tured with bricks. James Carey of Carnegie Pa 
was shot through the left thigh and found in the' alley 
off of the iMain Street, while Steve Zarunbak of the 
Pittsburgh War Veterans was shot through the stom- 
ach and was taken to the Pittsburgh Hospital. The 
Allegheny County Morgue Ambulance arrived shortly 
after midnight carrying the dead men off the field- 
Loaded shot gun and revolver was found in auto of 
Joseph Joyce of Carnegie by County detectives. One 
man who died in the office of Dr. F. B. Jones, Jr., 
Carnegie, Pa., was thought to be F. Leveler of Stu-' 
benville, Ohio, and one man had his privates shot off 

That on September 1st, 1923, followed the Scott- 
dale not in Westmoreland County in a big field near- 
by called Mt. Nebo, and during the march several 
were wounded and one killed. 

That on Saturday, April 5th, 1924, occurred the 
Lilly not at Lilly near Johnstown, Pa., and which was 
conducted by approximately more than five hundred 
hooded and robed Klansmen resulting in the murder 
of several young innocent men and the wounding of 
many others. At the Lilly riot the following W er e 
the fathers of both young men who were murdered 
outright, Philip T. Conrad and Lloyd Paul, dead at 
the time of the murder, both were single men resid- 
ing at home, m each case the victims were the main 
support of their widowed mothers. 

All of the above riots occurred in Pennsylvania; on 
the above named dates, and the expense of which was 



born by plaintiff corporation, Hiram Wesley Evans 
coming from Atlanta, Georgia, to conduct and give 
command for the Carnegie riot, and gave a rousing 
inflamatory speech just before he gave command to 
march through the streets of Carnegie. At this dem- 
onstration in the field at Carnegie each Klansman 
was charged fifty cents for entrance fee and which 
amounted to $4100.00 and there were taken into the 
Klan on the field and initiated or what is termed 
"naturalized" something like two thousand members 
or subjects and which netted the Klan something like 
130,000-00 in cash including regalia and uniforms. 

That at the Wilkinsburgh demonstration all the 
women were furnished maple clubs and which they 
carried in the parade so that if any riot occurred they 
might protect themselves and in fact this was one of 
the means to bring on a riot. At these demonstrations 
the men were furnished revolvers and the women 
furnished maple clubs and all at the cost of plaintiff 

That whenever the Imperial Wizard says come 
each member has to come or be banished, and when 
he says go you must go or be banished. One of the 
ways of raising additional money was the Daily Dis- 
patch and the Imperial Wizard told us in one of his 
addresses that he was taking one-half of the stock 
himself in order to control it and so that it would not 
pass out of the hands of the Klan and that for all 
the members to get back of the Daily Dispatch and 
which most all of the Pensylvania members did. 



Even the Imperial Representatives were sent into all 
the lodge rooms and given instructions to buy stock, 
and with the results sometliing over one hundred 
thousand dollars in cash was paid into the hands of 
Sam D. Rich, acting as Grand Dragon, and he and the 
Imperial Wizard literally robbed the Klansmen of all 
their hard earned money and the Daily Dispatch went 
up into smoke and Sam D. Rich and the Imperial 
Wizard kept all the money and has never yet ac- 
counted for one red cent of the boys' money, and so 
the members have been continually defrauded out of 
their money at every move that was taken, and the 
whole organization is denominated as a military or- 
ganization and you must stand for it all or be banish- 
ed, or perhaps bodily injured, in many instances. 
That the Imperial Wizard told us that the sale of all 
robes in the hands of the Gate City Manufacturing 
Company, a concern associated with his organization 
and that all members are required to purchase one 
and pay for it and that the Klan made a great profit. 
That in propagating his "Invisible Empire" the 
work, which is being done all over the United States 
by a highly paid and highly efficient field force, is 
being carried on by stirring up prejudice and hatred 
against Catholics, the Jews, the Negroes and the for- 
eign-born American citizen, and that riots are pro- 
ductive of great results as the Carnegie riot netted the 
plaintiff corporation over 25,000 new members and 
that the Lilly riot brought the organization over 10,- 
000 new members. That this verifier has received his 



information from many of the officials of the plain- 
tiff organization and is in a position to know of in- 
side facts. 

That each chartered Klan is required to pay the 
National and State organization from dues collected 
the sum of $2.80 from each and every member an- 
nualijy, payable semi-annually, or quarterly. The Klan 
at this time instead of upholding the morals of the 
country as is common with the high-merited secret 
orders which it tries to imitate, is destroying the 
morals. That very recently orders have been issued to 
have burned on every hill-side fiery crosses from the 
Grand Dragon, and which is calculatd to stir up more 
religious strife and racial hatred; also numerous de- 
monstrations are scheduled for Carnigie, Lilly, Scott- 
dale and many other cities and towns through- 
out the State of Pennsylvania, and that since the in- 
stitution of this suit numerous members of the plain- 
tiff organization have been banished without notice 
or any semblance of cause or trial and merely for the 
so-called justification of alleged personal grievances, 
and which is contrary to the oath of the Order taken 
from the highest to the lowest, but threats are now 
made by the Grand Dragon that he will banish every 
member who participates in this suit of Equity and 
who takes opposition to him. 

That letters are being sent out of a threatening na- 
ture to women of unquestionable character and which 
tend to stir up the community and arouse enemity 
among neighbors; that only a few weeks ago Roose- 



velt Klan sent out several of their hooded Klansmen 
to chastise some of their neighbors and appeared at 
the doors of some of the victims at the hour of mid- 
night and almost frightened some of our honored 
citizens into nervous prostration, and that the Grand 
Dragon has full and complete knowledge of these 
transactions and never says one word of censor but 
the command being and it is always understood that 
masked violence and justice is superior in the eyes of 
the Grand Dragon to all of our laws and Courts of 
justice of the land, and that at Greensburg our Grand 
Dragon made the bold assertion that if we ever have 
a war with Mexico he will advise the Klan not to par- 
ticipate in it and thereby turn the Klan against the 


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 29th day 
of August, A. D. 1927. 

R. E. Zuker, Notary Public. 

Mrs. Bayme H. Bittner, a member of the Home- 
stead Women's Klan, makes an affidavit that ought 
to stir the red blood of every American citizen against I 
those traitors to our country calling themselves 
"Wizards," "Grand Dragons," "King Kleagles," etc. 
Mrs. Bittner gives a piece of information that ought 
to land a lot of these criminals in jail for the rest of 
their lives. It shows that these Klan officials are not 
only teaching the male members to be outlaws, cut- 
throats and murderers, but they are actually invading 



the homes and teaching the women to murder and kill 
with a ruthless regard for law and order. Read what 
Mrs. Bittner has to say, and then imagine, if you dare, 
H. W. Evans being at the head of a Protestant or- 
ganization that is trying to save this country from de- 
bauchery and the "Catholic priests." What Mrs- Bit- 
tner says follows: 

Mrs. Mayme H. Bittner being duly sworn according 
to law deposes and says that she is past thirty-nine 
years of age, the wife of Walter J. Bittner, and the 
mother of three children, and who resides at 318 East 
Thirteenth Avenue, Third Ward, in the Borough of 
Homestead, in Allegheny County, and State of Penn- 
sylvania; that she is a member in good standing of 
the Women's Patriotic Association of the Knights of 
the Ku Klux Klan, and has held office in said Klan for 
two years or more, and was taken into said associa- 
tion in the month of October, 1923, and has been a 
member continuously ever since to this date, having 
held the offices of Klokard and Klexter in said Klan, 
and during which time became very familiar with the 
workings of the Women of the Knights of the Ku 
Klux Klan having a membership in said Women's 
Patriotic Association No. 96 of Three Hundred or 
more; that since the organization of the above named 
Women's Knights of the Ku Klax Klan this verifier 
has attended numerous demonstrations of the 
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and one especially in 
the year of 1924 held in the Borough of Wilkinsburgh 





at which demonstration over five thousand attended 
in full regalia, and this verifier and all other women 
of the Knights of the Ku klux Klan were required to 
carry maple clubs, or what those in command of said 
demonstration denominated as "riot sticks" and 
which were furnished all those who marched in said 
demonstration hy plaintiff corporation free of cost to 
said members, being advised that said "riot sticks" 
were hauled upon the grounds in trucks, and dis- 
tributed by the male members of the plaintiff corpor- 
ation m full regalia, or masks. 

This verifier and other members were advised to 
carry these maple clubs, or "riot sticks" as they were 
called, for protection as said members were advised 
that there had been trouble and riots at other demon- 
strations as these "riot sticks" were to be carried for 
protection, and t ward off trouble and stimulate 
the occasion in a military manner and fashion as we 
were always advised and admonished to be prepared 
for all emergencies as this is a military organization 
This verifier herewith files with her affidavit one of 
the maple clubs, or "riot sticks" as they are called 
and with a leather hand holt, being one foot and six 
inches long, and approximately one inch thick in 
diameter and octogan in shape, and this is about the 
only thing verifier ever received in said organization 
for nothing with the possible exception of red hot in- 
flamatory literature, and most of the times our lodge 
was required to make payments for all literature, the 
said officials usually sold everything they furnished 

for cash said exhibit filed is herewith marked for 
identification "riot stick" and which resembles very 
much a policeman's club. 


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of 
September, A. D. 1927. 

R. E. Zuber, Notary Public. 

We could go on and quote affidavit after affidavit, 
all bearing on the criminal practices of the heads of 
the Ku Klux Klan, Hiram Wesley Evans, the great 
American monster who is fomenting trouble all over 
the nation, and who seems to be trying to create so 
many riots that in the end he himself, Evans, will de- 
clare himself president of these United States and 
ask his followers to make him such through the mili- 
tary organization he has built up, PROVIDED he can 
have a comeback in numbers and strength. But the 
above surely is sufficient to satisfy any one that the 
Ku Klux Klan is criminal in every phase of its present 
or past activities. Nearly one hundred different af- 
fidavits are filed in the Federal Courts in Pittsburgh 
and Erie, all bearing on these points, differing only 
in what they know about the various criminal prac- 
tices of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. 

Among the many Klansmen making affidavits are 
the following: James A. Miller of Scottdale who was 
cyclops of his Klan for many years; Dr. Hunter, who 
is another cyclops; there are the affidavits of Exalted 
Cyclops Sell, Ascomb, Cravener, Killgrapp Martin, 



Near East Stroudesburg, Pa., a bunch of Klansmen took out 
a Jew and applied tar and feathers to him. Then they whh> 
ped and kicked him and sent him home. The Jew had no 
harmed one of the Klansmen and the fiendish deed was com 
mtted only that one of the leading local Klansmln miiht 
wreak vengeance on the Jew because of some persona 
grudge he had against him. personal 

ex-Killgrapp Roofner, all supporting the charge that 
the whole Ku Klux Klan is a conspiracy against the 
United States Government. Cyclops Reninger, Ted 
Smith, Koedel, Ihrig, Baughman, MacCosky, Uber, 
Young, Smeltzer, and a whole host of others, all de- 
clare that the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a crim- 
inal organization and basing their assertions on what 
they know personally of its workings. These men 
have all been in the Klan, they have all served their 
masters faithfully and they know whereof they talk. 
They recite incidents of crime such as the blackest 
souls in the dark ages would have shuddered to have 
committed, all these crimes being committed either 
by the high officers of the Ku Klux Klan or by the 
order and command of these officers. No crime is 
allowed to be committed under the Klan robe unless 
that particular crime is authorized by either the state 
or national heads of the Ku Klux Klan, so these offic- 
ials possess absolute knowledge as to every murder 
planned in advance, every flogging that is to be pulled 
off, every case of tar and feathers that is likely to take 
place, and every kidnapping that might occur. One 
Klansman testifies that the state and national officers 
actually have blanks to be filled out after these out- 
rages are committed so they may know that they 
were carried out just as ordered. In case a person or 
persons are ordered flogged and the flogging fails to 
take place as ordered, the ones authorized to do the 
flogging must report why it was not done, and if no 
good reason can be given they are either banished 



from the Klan, or they are suspended from it for a 

Recalcitrant Klansmen, those who do not obey, as 
the oficers order them to, are often taken out and 
flogged by fellow Klansmen, and after the flogging 
they are taken back into the hall, given a lecture and 
told that hereafter they must obey. That Klansmen 
have been flogged by the hundreds, and possibly by 
the thousands, there can be but little doubt- The flog- 
ging of fellow Klansmen may be for manfy purposes, 
such as we have mentioned above, and then it often 
takes place when they are caught with women, get- 
ting drunk, etc., those doing the flogging for such 
purposes as these being the more respectable Klans- 
men in the various klaverns. They are often flogged 
for allowing their dues to go unpaid and for getting 
cold feet. When flogged, Klansmen are told that the 
next time they will be killed. This went on for years 
with but very few ever telling of these horrible and 
brutal crimes, those flogged always being cowards, or 
weak-kneed, like children who had been chastised by 
their parents, they would go back to the Klan meet- 
ings the next week and be as happy as if no flogging 
had ever taken place. If Klansmen who have been 
flogged would tell the whole story it would make one 
of the most astounding revelations that has ever been 
made in American history. But enough has been told 
to satisfy the writer that it is a system practiced most 
all over the nation. No strong minded and fearless 
Klansman are singled out for a flogging, for he would 



tell it. When such a one becomes unruly the officials 
are generally satisfied with merely banishing him 
without a trial. 

It is a well known fact that the fear of death is in- 
stilled into Klansmen at their initiation. This can be 
testified to by Klansmen who have gone through with 
the initiation. But the question might be asked, 
"How is it that such practices can be carrie* out?" 
"How does it come that the news of such practices 
does not reach the better class of Klansmen?" 

Very few real worthwhile men are allowed to hold 
any office in a Klavern. Some sort of a yellow streak 
must be in every person holding a Klan office even in 
the local Klan. But few persons, possibly not over a 
half dozen, ever know of these floggings, and certain- 
ly none of the better class are told. The flogging and 
the fear of it keeps the weak man in the Klan, and it 
causes him to pay up his dues. 

But why prolong these tedious, gruesome stories? 
If you do not believe that the Klan flogs its members, 
just join some day and then act like you are just a 
little off, going away from home to take your mem- 
bership. After you get in, commit some trivial act of 
disloyalty to the Klan officials, always acting if you 
are afraid; keep this up for several months. Let your 
dues lapse, and tell in the presence of some of the of- 
ficials that you do not intend to pay your dues any 
more. Just keep this thing going for several months, 
and then.see if you are not waited on some night by a 
bunch of seven or eight Klansmen carrying with them 



a whip. Unless you are a better man than all six of 
them you will very likely get your flogging. 

Any one in the south knows that the old Ku Klux 
Klan systematically flogged their own members, and 
that they were told if they squealed on anything they 
do they would be killed. This Klan is an exact dupli- 
cate of that old Klan, with many horrible brutalities 
aded to it. The old Klan flogged Negroes only, with 
an occasional white, and some of its own members 
when they committed an infraction of their rules, 
while the present Klan does not only flog Negroes by 
the hundred, but they flog them for fun; for the sport 
they get out of it; for the kick it gives them. They 
flog white girls, as in the recent case near Philadel- 
phia. The old Klan was not a mercenary organiza- 
tion, and no one made a dollar out of it. The flog- 
gings and murders and lacerations that take place 
now are committed by a bunch of people who have 
no other idea of the Klan except as an organization 
out of which to make monefy. There is a difference in 
the new and old Ku Klux Klan, but the difference is 
in favor of the old Klan. 


Will The Ku Klux Klan Hang Jews? 

If one is to believe statements coming from the 
state and national Klan officials, he must believe that 
it was, at one time, the intention of the leaders in 
the Ku Klux Klan to instigate such an anti-Jew 
campaign as would eventually drive every Jew from 
America. Indeed, that idea has not even yet been 
dropped by these same officials. If this be true, then 
every Jew, and every law-abiding citizen of America, 
should know these facts. 

We can not impress on the minds of our readers 
any too forcefully the fact that Col. William Joseph 
Simmons, when he organized the Klan in 1915, did 
not contemplate making it anti-anything. Just so 
long as the Colonel held the Klan in his own name 
it was never more than a mere social club. 

But E. Y. Clarke, a broken down newspaper man, 
convicted in the Federal Courts for white-slavery, 
and fined five thousand dollars and cost, purchased 
the right from Col. Simmons to organize the Klan 
throughout the nation. E- Y. Clarke introduced the 
anti-Jew features of the Klan early in 1920, just as 
he introduced the anti-Catholic and anti-negro fea- 
tures. Colonel Simmons hadn't a thing to do with 
this, and although he protested against it bitterly, 
Clarke had tied the Colonel up in an iron-clad con- 
tract until its originator could not help himself. 



So far as Clarke himself was concerned he had 
nothing against the Jew; he did not care whether 
there was one Jew in America, or a million. What 
Clarke was after was the money, and if preaching 
anti Semitic doctrine made him the dollars, he would 
preach it. He soon discovered that the anti-Jew 
feature was a winning feature and brought him 
many new members. That was what he was after; 
that was what made him preach against the Jew. 

Keep in mind that Clarke was wholly irresponsible; 
had a very bad reputation, and his Klan activities did 
not better it. Then remember also that he soon con- 
nected up with H. W. Evans, now the Wizard, a man 
with no better reputation; then he locked arms with 
D. C. Stephenson, who is now in the penitentiary at 
Michigan City, Indiana, for the foul murder of a 
froung girl, and that his fourth partner was Geo. F. 
Fox, who is serving a life sentence in the state peni- 
tentiary at Atlanta, and you may obtain a fairly ac- 
curate glimpse at the desperate thing any of these 
four would do if by doing it more members could be 
added to the Klan roll, as each member meant ten 

more dollars for an initiation fee and five dollars for 
a garb. 

If either one of these four men thought it would 
be popular to tar and feather a Jew neither of them 
would scruple to either do it or order it done, for all 
four of them are criminals, Clarke a white-slaver, 
Fox and Stephenson murderers, and Evans charged 
in the Federal Courts now as being a murderer, this 



time being the instrument through which a Klans- 
man was murdered at Carnegie, in order that it 
might be laid on the Satholics so as to force new 
members into the organization. Not one of these 
four men would have halted a murder plot against 
the Jews if he had thought it would add to the Klan 
roll in membership. 

All over the nation during 1921 and 1922 the or- 
ganizers these men sent out were instructed to de- 
nounce the Jew- They did it in thousands of halls. 
Everywhere the Jew merchants were boycotted in 
favor of the American merchants. In many cities in 
Indiana where the Klan grew so rapidly during these 
two years Jews went either bankrupt, or were for- 
ced out of business. I have seen scores of such piti- 
able cases. All this came about by the hatred to the 
Jews that was preached by these fire-eating Klan or- 
ganizers. The head men in the Klan found they 
could stir up the people over the Jew question and 
they agitated it until often the life of a Jew, who hap- 
pened to live in a community strongly American and 
few Catholic and Jews, was most miserable. 

No intelligent person can dispute the fact that there 
is, in America, as is in almost every country on the 
globe, a strong anti-Semitic sentiment. The Jew in 
this country has proved himself a good business 
man, particularly in the mercantile business. It is 
very difficult for a small American merchant to com- 
pete with a Jew merchant, largely because the Jew 
has been trained for centuries in the game of trade. 



He knows it and he knows it well. These Jew mer- 
chants were preached against in the small country 
towns and thus the animosity of thousands of busi- 
ness men who joined the Klan, most of them for 
"business purposes," was so aroused at the Jew that 
the more ignorant of them would have done almost 
anything to the Jew the Klan officials might see fit to 
order. This anti-Semitic sentiment, still in our coun- 
try, was fanned into a flaming fire during the power- 
ful influx of the Ku Klux Klan, and at one time its 
officials could have created such a war on the Jew 
that it might have involved our country in a bloody 
rebellion. The reason these officials did not send out 
that order was not their fault, for they did not cal- 
culate on doing it until a year or so later, and by that 
time the Klan growth had not only stopped, but the 
Klan itself had begun to recede in membership and 
power. A dying organization could not then so suc- 
cessfully carry out such drastic orders. 

But many Jews were flogged, and flogged for no 
better reason than because they were Jews. Thous- 
ands of Jews were warned to get out of business, to 
leave the town, and to move out of the county, both 
they and their families. About this time the Dear- 
born Independent, Henry Ford's paper, made a most 
bitter attack on the Jew, possibly the most bitter and 
relentless attack that was ever made in America on 
the Semitic race. Early in 1921 Henry Ford sent a 
special representative into the South, and elsewhere 
to investigate the Ku Klux Klan. There appeared in 



The Dearborn Independent a well and a most care- 
fully written article by this special correspondent 
c^i "The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan," and this, so 
far as I can remember, is about the only article ever 
appearing in a reputable American magazine that 
complimented the Ku Klux Klan for its work and 
motive. However, we do not charge Henry Ford as 
being in a combine with the Klan officials against the 
Jew, but call attention to this co-incident merely to 
show what a sentiment existed in the Klan against 
the Jew, and which sentiment Ford himself shared. 
Henry Ford has since retracted all his statements and 
made peace with the Jew, admitting that his paper 
had wronged the Jew. Naturally this representa- 
tive, at that early day in the growth of the Klan, did 
not know the character of its officials, nor their 
wicked purposes, for whatever one may say about 
Ford, he is not the kind that put their approval on 
dishonest characters. AH Ford knew about the Klan 
was what it preached, and that, on the surface, look- 
ed all right. 

In this book we produce a drawing of a Jew that 
was tarred and feathered at East Stroudesburg, Pa. 
This beastly act was committed early in 1924, and 
the victim was a reputable Jew of eastern Pennsyl- 
vania. A band of Klansmen, headed by the Klan or- 
ganizer, took the Jew to a lonely spot about midnight 
and applied tar and feathers to him, and after beat- 
ing him severely, they let him go. This Jew had not 
harmed one of these Klansmen who participated in 



the fiendish act. It is said that he was going with a 
woman character whom the leading Kiansman was 
supposed to be keeping, but whether this was the 
basis of the brutal deed committed against him, or 
it was done simply because he was a Jew, no one 
seems to know. But the fact stands out, however, 
that this Jew was treated as here stated, and that the 
perpetrators were the officials of the local Klan, with 
four or five other Klan officials from a near-by coun- 

Yes, the Klan officials, I have every reason to be- 
lieve, contemplated starting a propaganda inside of 
the Klan in the early part of 1925 that would have 
driven the Jews out of this country. Evans, Clarke, 
Fox, Stephenson, et al, being the desperate men they 
were, out for gold, and later, out for power, had very 
likely figured on just such a program as we have here 
stated. Just what they intended should be done with 
the Jew, is problematic. First out after the money, 
seven million members in the Klan by 1923, the 
heads of the hooded organization had begun to think 
the whole world would soon be at their feet. And 
it looked at one time as if it would, for it was during 
the year 1923 that Evans started a campaign to or- 
ganize the Klan in Germany, France, England, Can- 
ada, and even in Italy. Certainly these Klan heads 
could not have hoped to organize a Klan in France 
on the anti-Catholic sentiment, nor in Italy. In these 
two countries their main driving point was to have 
been anti-Jew. Thousands of dollars were spent by 

Here is how Evans is 
said to have framed 
Col. Simmons. This is 
said to be the picture 
that gave the Klan to 
H. W. Evans. 



the national heads of the Klan in these European 
countries in vain and fruitless efforts to organize. 

I feel that I am perfectly conservative when I say 
that the aim of H. W. Evans was to drive every Jew 
from America, and that at the psychological time 
hd was to have declared war on them to the finish, 
even to the shedding of hlood. But of this we will 
have more to say in another chapter dealing with the 
Catholics. We propose to show in that Chapter that 
the Klan leaders, from one end of the country to the 
other, are now, and have been since 1920, when 
Clarke first took hold of it, traitors, and that every 
one of them should be tried for treason to the United 
States government. 


What Did the Klan Officials Intend to Do With the 
Catholic Church? 

We have already shown you the nature of the 
campaign the officials of the Klan made against the 
Jew; that at the advent of the "Big Five" in the Klan, 
composed of H. W. Evans, E. Y. Clarke, D. C. Step- 
henson, Zeke Marvin and George F- Fox, the Ku Klux 
Klan as Col. William Joseph Simmons had organ- 
ized it, was an innocent enough creature, and that it 
was at this time, early in 1920, when all these isms 
and hatreds were introduced into the Klan. Now 
what was the idea of Clarke, et al., for introducing 
an anti-Catholic campaign? 

Only one word answers that, "Money," and that 
very word is an answer to the question why any other 
ism or doctrine of hatred was introduced into the 
Klan. After the "Big Five" took charge of the Klan 
everything they preached was for the purpose of 
making money. That and that alone was the main 
driving force back of the aggregation. 

But as the Klan grew it began to dawn upon these 
five men that even more than money might be won — 
they might be able to place themselves at the head of 
the United States government, either by ballot or 
by the force of arms. This was all carefully figured 
out. Their organization was a military organization. 
Every Klan organizer, every Klan speaker, and 
every Klan official stressed this fact. The members 



were told everywhere that it was their business to 
obey and not to ask questions. The more bold or- 
ganizers told Klansmen, in their own Klaverns, that 
if they did not obey, they would not only be banished, 
but they would be summarily dealt with, meaning, 
of course, that if they did not obey they would be 
physically punished. It is a known fact that thous- 
ands of weak Klansmen have been taken to lonely 
spots and the lash laid on them, for no other reason 
than that they had offended some official in the Klan. 
Only the more timid would be treated in this way. 
The Klan organization is a despotic organization, its 
head is termed an Emperor, and his wife a Queen. 
Even its official name is "The Invisible Empire," 
meaning that the whole Klan system is some em- 
piric government, every member a subject, and the 
head a dictator and a tyrant. 

I have heard Klan organizers say, in their speeches 
on the inside of the Klavern, in speaking about the 
efficiency of the Klan system, that any minute they 
desired to do so they could mobilize an army of fifty 
thousand Klansmen anywhere in the state of Ohio in 
forty eight hours, every one of whom would be well 
armed, supplied with guns, powder, warring instru- 
ments equal to the most thoroughly equipped army, 
with cannons and such like, excepted- I have heard 
them brag that they could beat the Knights of Col- 
umbus any moment the fight started, but hearing 
such twaddle I thought it was said only for effect. 
However, since making a more thorough investiga- 



tion I have come to the conclusion that it was not 
adl[ bluster, nor all for effect, tut that there was a 
great deal of serious truth in these statements. 

It is an undisputed fact that fire arm companies 
experienced a great revival in their business during 
the years from 1920 to 1924, the four years of Klan 
growth. The kind of arms Klansmen were told to 
purchase were generally pistols, or sawed-off shot 
guns being a favorite among them. Klansmen had 
no option whatever in their purchase of thes guns. If 
they were told to do so they must do so. Even mem- 
bers of the Junior Klan, boys as young as twelve 
years, were instructed how to shoot. At all the great 
demonstrations hundreds of these boys, from twelve 
'to fifteen years old, would exhibit their fire arms, 
and feel proud of it. I have seen more fire arms 
while attending these Klan demonstrations than I 
ever saw in my entire life before. They were mani- 
fest everywhere, and were I to make a guess as to 
how many men would be armed with either sawed- 
£>ffi shot guns or with pistols at these Klaji demon- 
strations, I would say fully one out of every three 
had his gun. At the big demonstration held in Scott- 
dale, Pa., shortly after Thomas R. Abbot was killed, 
and at which fully fifteen thousand Klansmen were 
present, there were at least five thousand pistols, 
many rifles and scores of shot-guns. The Grand Dra- 
gon of the state ordered, by positive instructions, that 
every Klansman attending should go "prepared," and 
every SKIansmfci^i was taught what the word **pre- 





pared" meant. At Niles, Ohio, and at Warren, Ohio, 
where two great demonstrations were held, hardly 
a Klansman was present who did not have his gun. 
At Niles scores of boys, not over fourteen years old, 
were given guns, and were told to guard the lines; 
that if any foreigners or Catholics attempted to 
break through the Klan line to shoot to kill. That 
order was out at that place. Several persons were 
shot, scores were wounded and injured either by bul- 
lets or by rocks and other missies- 

Every local Klan had its "Crack Shooters." Klans- 
men were ordered to go out at least once every week 
and practice shooting, and the more members who 
would join the gun club, the better. They were 
Frankly told that the day would come when they 
would be forced to use these guns against the Catholic 
church and that they must be prepared. Many local 
Elans, where the members were not able to buy 
their own guns, or were not willing to do so, kept 
from one to two scores of guns secreted in their 
lodge rooms, or elsewhere, so as to loan such mem- 
bers as had none, and who would join the "Gun Club" 
if they were given the weapons. 

It is said on the very best of authority, that for 
three years when Hiram Wesley Evans would make 
his trips in his special trains throughout the country, 
that loads of guns, the finest and best that could be 
manufactured or bought on the market, were always 
taken with him and secreted at some convenient 
place on the train. During these trips h e would be 

accompanied by a body guard of from twenty to 
forty men, every one of whom was armed exactly 
as the body guard of the president would be armed. In 
the days of Klan growth Evans would order any num- 
ber of Klan Dragons, Titans, Terors, or King 
Kleagles, to accompany him on his trips, and they 
would obey just as any other soldier or officer would 
obey a United States army commander. At the 
Democratic national convention in New York City, 
Evans, with a hundred and fifty lesser lights through- 
out the United States, rented a great apartment 
house on Long Island, and there he resided during 
the long drawn out convention, in absolute seclusion. 
It is said that his "apartment" was filled with the 
finest of whiskey, the best guns and the prettiest of 
women, just as if the Wizard were some king, po- 
tentate or tyrant. With a bird's eye view of the Klan 
a^ a military organization, its head as a tyrant, its 
officers as his tools, and the members, as the tyrant 
had thought, his servants, or soldiers, now let us see 
what this head finally intended to do with the Roman 
Catholic church. 

Remember, that in the start these four men had as 
their main object money, but as the Klan grew their 
ambitions also grew. It was during these years of 
growth that the criminal Klan leaders began to dream 
iO|f 'driving the Jew from America, colonizing the 
negro, and making it a crime for a Roman Catholic 
priest to preach, destroying all the Roman Catholic 



Parochial schools, shutting up its educational and re- 
ligious institutions and denying a vote to a Roman 
Catholic unless he renounced Ms church. This gi- 
gantic campaign, fraught with all the cruel things 
that could happen to any nation, began to he out- 
lined in the heads of these five men late in 1922. Dur- 
ing 1923 the Klan attained to its greatest efficiency in 
so far as the number of active members were con- 
cerned and their willingness to obey their officials. 
About this time a quarrel began to brew between 
the "Big Five", which was more than a year after the 
"Big Five" had robbed Colonel Simmons and turned 
the Klan into a criminal organization. D. C. Step- 
henson began to feel that he was a more capable man 
to be at the head of the Klan than was H. W. Evans, 
its Wizard, and all who know both of them, believe 
h e was right. But Evans held a bill of sale of the 
Klan from Simmons, whom he had forced to sell by 
a blackmailing plot, and thus Stephenson had no 
authority to go further than Evans would permit. 
Stephenson had probably organized more states, had 
created more Klan sentiment, than all the other four, 
and yet he was just as much a servant of Evans as 
the least Klansman in the organization. D. C. 
Stephenson, now in the Michigan City penitentiary 
for murdering a girl, called a meeting of all the Klans 
of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and some other states and 
organized another Klan. Stephenson was made its 
head. Then Evans took drastic steps and ordered 
Stephenson, and all those who participated in the 



seditious convention, to be banished. That hurt 
Stephenson in the Klan, but did not kill his influence. 
He was not put out of the fight until he was tried for 
murder and found guilty by an Indiana court. 

E. Y. Clarke also fell out with Evans and he was 
summarily banished, and George F. Fox was put out 
of the ring by being sent to the penitentiary for the 
murder of Captain Coburn. When Clarke was con- 
victed for white slavery his influence was killed- 

During all these trying days, which lasted for a 
year and a half, no audacious program could be put 
on, such as would be required to drive the Catholics 
out of the country, strip the priests of the right to 
preach the gospel and destroy all the Parocial schools 
and other Catholic institutions, and colonize the ne- 
gro. These leaders, the very fellows who had plan- 
ned to plunge this country into one of the most hor- 
rible civil wars the world has ever seen, happily, for 
the country, fell out among themselves, and while 
fighting each other the Klan began its precipitate in- 
tegration until it was made impossible for such a 
daring program to be put on. 

And now comes the test of these startling asser- 
tions. What reasons have I to believe that these offi- 
cials intended to start a civil war that would involve 
this country in such trouble? I have every reason 
in the world to believe it. 

First of all, there is such an anti-Catholic sentiment 
coupled with the hatred of the Jew and the despising 
of the negro, in this country on the part of millions 



of the more ignorant, that under certain circum- 
stances just such a program as that could be put 
over, or I might more accurately say, could be start- 
ed with every prospect of winning. 

The nation had just emerged from a terrible and 
a bloody war; men and women for three years had 
been taught, in church, school and home, to hate the 
German. They could easily transfer that hatred to 
the Roman Catholic church and the Jew. This is 
exactly what was done. These Klan speakers were 
sent to every part of the nation and their audiences 
were invariably told that the Pope is to soon set his 
kingdom up in this country. Once make the average 
Protestant believe that and he is ready to fight. Mil- 
lions believed these Klan speakers, and they actually 
looked for the Pope to make his appearance at any 
moment, or at least, in any year. During 1923 these 
Klan speakers would tell their audiences that the 
Pope is to come in 1925. 

Then the Klan gathered into its fold every sort of 
character one could get to pay the ten dollars. Mil- 
lions joined the Klan who had not darkened the 
doors of a Protestant church in years. Hundreds of 
thousands of these were desperate characters, and 
they were the very fellows who were alwafys found at 
the head of the various local Klans. 

Hatred of the Roman Catholic church was con- 
stantly preached on the inside of the Klan. Horrible 
stories about the Knights of Columbus were told 
over and over, how they were ready to fight, how all 



the Catholic Churches and K. C. halls were full of 
fire arms. I have seen young men worked up into 
such a heated passion against the Roman Catholic 
church by these Klan speakers that they would have 
been willing to go to war on the spot, if only ordered 
to do so by their leaders in whom at that time they 
had confidence. 

One day I was carrying a young Klansman in my 
automobile through a large city. We met several 
sisters of the Roman Catholic church and this young 
man yelled at them, uttering foul words. I rebuked 
him for doing so and told him he ought to have at 
least a little respect for women. He was not a bad 
young man, ignorant of course, but he had just been 
at a Klan meeting and was dreaming all the time of 
the day when the Pope would cross the Atlantic and 
take charge of this government. 

But with the disintergration of the Klan, a feature 
that none of the "Big Five" had figured on, nothing 
could be done to save the day for the traitors of this 
government who were then at the head of the Klan. 
The audacious program could not be put over. They 
waited too long; it should have been started early in 
1923 in order for the wicked plot to have had any 
show to win. 

How did these traitors intend to put over such a 
program? That is as simple as it can be. 

Keep constantly in mind that I have already shown 
you that scores of Klansmen were killed, or ordered 
killed, by the Klan officials in order that their mur- 



der might be charged to the Catholic church, thus 
provoking Protestants to join. These murders gen- 
erally took place at great Klan demonstrations, the 
demonstrations having been properly timed for just 
such murders to be committed. This was done 
throughout the whole country, particularly in the 
east and north. It worked well, for through these 
murders and other outrages the Klan officials were 
able to persuade hundreds of thousands to join "in 
order to protect themselves," as they would tell their 

If the "Big Five" had not waited so long they could 
have easily thrown this nation into a bloody rebellion 
and this could have been done any time during 1923- 
The Klan being a military organization, all its mem- 
bers told that, and few of its members by 1923 know- 
ing of the immoral and criminal character of the 
leaders, particularly of the "Big Five," had the word 
gone out to invade New York City, Chicago, St. 
Louis, and many other large cities, the members 
would have done so, and would have done it in de- 
fiance of the various city authorities. This is proved 
by the Carnegie incident, where a riot was caused by 
the parade through the streets at midnight by Klans- 
men in defiance of the city authorities and in com- 
mand of H. W. Evans himself, who was there when 
the parade took place and who was in it up until the 
fighting began, when he ran to the rear, leaving the 
women and children to fight themselves out of the 
mob the best they could. 



As late as the fall of 1925 the Wizard ordered a 
mobilization of KJansmen in the city of Washington 
to show its strength. At that time the Klan was 
thought all but dead, and yet the newspapers report 
that more than one hundred thousand Klansmen 
were in march, and that tens of thousands of these 
had traveled hundreds, and many over a thousand 
miles, to be in the parade. This was long after 
Stephenson, Fox and Clarke had all been put out of 
business by their criminal acts, and after millions of 
Klansmen had been informed concerning the char- 
acter of Evans himself. If a hundred thousand 
Klansmen, after the organization had been cut to 
pieces by internal strife and whole-sale desertion, 
would answer the call of the Wizard and travel all 
the way to Washington to march. in a parade, what 
might the membership have done during the year in 
which its greatest strength was reached in point of 
membership, and when fully two-thirds of that mem- 
bership was perfectly loyal to their national Klan 
officers? Suppose the "Big Five" had themselves re- 
mained on good terms with each other and had 
agreed on the audacious program of which we have 
spoken, just what might one well contemplate would 
have been the result? 

Their first aim, in that wicked program, would 
have been, of course, to create an atmosphere in 
scores of centers of the United States that would 
eventuate in the whole-sale slaughter of Klansmen. 

The "Big Five," had they remained friendly, could 



have ordered the mobilization of THREE million 
Klansmen on some one day and there would have 
been FIVE million present. Suppose New York 
City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. 
Louis, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other 
cities like these, had been ordered "invaded" in spite 
of the city authorities, what would have happened? 
Had that order been sent out five million Klansmen 
would have answered the call. Then as they began 
their march through the different cities the police 
would have shot them down, naturally to protect the 
dignity of their governments. This would have 
caused the killing of thousands of Klansmen and the 
"Big Five" would have been in a position to declare 
war on the whole Catholic Church, laying the tragi- 
dies of the night to the Knights of Columbus. Guess 
what you please as to what those who did not belong 
to the Klan would have done, I can tell you what the 
members of the Klan would have done— They would 
have marched to a man on every city and state 
government in the United States and by arms take 
charge of the different governments, or attempt to 
take charge of them. 

I know what I'm talking about. I was in the 
thing and while in it studied every feature of it. I 
haven't the slightest doubt in my own mind but that 
this very thing was dreamed of not only by Evans, 
but by at least D. C. Stephenson, and possibly one or 
two others. 

How narrowly did we escape such a catastrophe 

Here are four Klansmen, 
all armed with pistols, 
kidnaping a child from its 
mother. This scene took 
place in Pittsburgh, Pa. 



as that one may contemplate in utter amazement. 
There never was a more wicked and a more daring 
plot of anarchism formed against any civilized gov- 
ernment on earth than the heads of the Ku Klux Klan 
plotted against the United States government. 

Every Klansman of intelligence knows very well 
that all Klansmen were systematically taught in their 
Klaverns to disregard their oath when it came to jury 
service. They were taught to perjure themselves; 
they were taught to disobey court orders; they were 
taught that it is high treason to disobey any Klan or- 
der that might go out from either the state or nation- 
al heads. Klansmen were, so far as the leaders could 
control the situation, taught to be mere slaves for 
their officials. In America there are millions who 
want some mysterious person, such as they were 
taught the heads of the Klan were, to lead them. 
These millions were taught to hate the Catholic 
church, hate the Jew, despise the negro and to have 
no love for the foreigner. 

The narrow escape our nation made was only by 
the good fortune of these Klan leaders falling out 
among themselves, or like the murderer who wrong- 
?|r times his clock for the setting off of his deadly 
bomb. The Klan bomb was there; the clock was set, 
but when it was set, it was wrongly timed, and it did 
not go off. 

And we are not done with the thing yet; all the 
danger is not passed. Could these wicked officials, 
headed by H. W- Evans, whom I consider as wicked a 



plotter as ever conspired against society, have a 
come-back for the Klan, there is no telling what 
trouble they could give us. That is why I am writ- 
ing this book, I want to warn the American people 
of the dynamite that is jyet in the Ku Klux Klan, and 
that it might some day explode and break up human 
society, so far as our nation is concerned at least. 
While there are not more than half a million Klans- 
men at the present time who have their dues paid up, 
yet Evans could, if not forestalled, call to his aid at 
least a million men, and he might be able to create 
such conditions with the proper mobilization of these 
men and women as would cause hundreds of Klans- 
men to be killed. Under such circumstances, having 
all his motives thoroughly under the mask, the peo- 
ple might yet rise up and join his aggregation of de- 
ceived men and women in such numbers as would 
convince him the original program even yet could be 
put over, and he might attempt it. 

But with such facts as I am presenting in this 
book, and other books I have written, and still an- 
other under contemplation, it is almost a certainty 
that the real character and motives of this arch 
traitor will be discovered by the American people, 
and that finally he will find his proper place, as I see 
it, in the penitentiary for life where his two co-part- 
ners and co-conspirators are now, George F. Fox 
and D. C. Stephenson. 

On a big hill overlooking Oakmont, near Pittsburgh, Pa., 120 
Klan leaders from western Pennsylvania gathered for the pur- 
pose of burning a negro alive just for tht fun they would get 
out of it. A Klansman who was selected to bring the negro 
failed to appear. Everything was ready. A barrel of oil, and 
plenty of wood. The Klan leaders went home at three o'clock 
in the morning all very much disappointed that they did not 
see the negro burn. 


The Carnegie Riot 

In another chapter I have already noted some 
high points in the Klan riot at Carnegie, but that 
tragedy in itself is of sufficient importance to justify 
the writing of an entire chapter dealing with it in 
detail. I am using this as a concrete example to show 
the crime, murder and treason, connected with the 
growth, propaganda and the expansion of the Ku Klux 
Klan. I propose to show to what depths of infamy 
and crime Klan officials would go in order that they 
might more easily bag the gold. No better example 
for that purpose can be found any where in the United 
States than the riot these Klan officials caused at 
Carnegie. Possibly no other one incident caused more 
members to flock to the Klan than this one of which 
I am now writing. 

The "Carnegie Riot" occurred August 25, 1923, 
at a time when the Klan had very likely reached its 
peak of active membership throughout the nation. 
During that year thousands of demonstrations were 
held in the different states, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New 
Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, being among the states where 
these demonstrations attracted the most attention. 
These so-called "demonstrations" served the purpose 
of the Klan officials in gathering in new members, 
often two, three and four thousand being initiated at 
one single affair such as was held at Carnegie. If 
these Klan demonstrations were held in strictly 
Protestant communities, not much trouble was gener- 
ally expected, and the demonstrators would usually 



confine themselves to setting off fire works, bombs, 
speech-making-, etc. But if they were held in commu- 
nities where the Catholic church had great influence, 
or many foreigners lived, difficulties were always ex- 
pected to be encountered. 

Carnegie, with its adjacent territory, which in- 
cludes such boroughs as Bridgeville, McKees Rocks, 
etc., all situated within a few miles of Pittsburgh, and 
only five or six miles from each other, has a combined 
population of over sixty thousand inhabitants. Steel 
works, coal mines, and kindred industries, furnish the 
people with good, profitable employment, and general- 
ly this work is steady. It is a prosperous, well-to-do 
community, with about sixty per cent of the people 
Catholic and forty per cent Protestant. It was an 
ideal community in which to stir up trouble and have 
a real one-hundred per cent riot, such as was so suc- 
cessfully pulled off at this place. Before the Carnegie 
Riot several hundred had already joined the Klan 
and were wearing the hood. That night over two 
thousand new members were initiated, some of them, 
of course, becoming members of other locals. Nearly 
aU the members of the Carnegie Klan were working 
people, or they were supposed to work at least, and as 
for this matter the same conditions prevailed through- 
out the country. Business men, and persons of finance 
and influence, although begged to join, generally found 
some way to evade these Klan organizers and to ward 
off the Kleagles. Every Protestant minister, however, 
in Carnegie is said to have "parted with his ten and 
donned the hood." 

This "demonstration" had been well arranged, and 



most thorough preparations had been made. Every 
possible detail had been maped out, even to the kill- 
ing of a Klansman. "Doc" Evans, the Wizard, had 
arranged to be there, and his coming had been herald- 
ed all over western Pennsylvania, northern West Vir- 
ginia, eastern Ohio, and many other points. It was 
to be made a red letter day in the growth of the 
Klan and it proved to be all its promoters intended 
it should be. 

Sam Rich, the state King Kleagle, was at his peak 
of popularity among Klansmen; Evans, the Wizard, 
was being looked upon as a little god, and many Klans- 
men believed that this uncouth, illiterate and vulgar- 
looking person had been divinely sent to earth for the 
purpose of redeeming this nation from the rule and 
domination of the pope. 

I was at the "demonstration", along with my son, 
who also parted with his ten. Even back that far I 
had no use for "Doc" Evans, as I had already heard 
so many stories concerning his immorality, and I could 
not keep myself from believing that some of them 
must be true. I had come to believe that Sam Rich, 
the King Keagle, was a veritable thief, as he proved 
himself to be later on. Nevertheless, I was there, and 
for my first and only time, saw "Doc" Evans. While 
I had already made up my mind that money was the 
main driving force back of the Klan, that "Doc" Evans 
himself was a fraud, and that Rich was a rascal, I had 
not yet come to the conclusion that either of them was 
a murderer, or would conspire to have Klansmen mur- 
dered in order that they might force men and women 
to join the Klan for "protection." 





In former chapters I have made it clear how the 
Klan was promoted, how negroes and others were flog- 
ged, how Jews were tarred and feathered, how priests 
and members of the Catholic church were intimidated 
and insulted, and the connection that all these out- 
rages had with the phenomenal growth of the Ku 
Klux Klan. Riots always resulted in a big influx to 
the Klan, therefore these riots to Evans were as sweet 
morsels under his tongue. The fact that Evans him- 
self planned to be at Carnegie, that his coming was 
broadcast all over this part of the country, fully at- 
tests the great importance that he placed on what 
was about to happen. 

What Evans, Rich, and the Klan leaders in gene- 
ral, must have most desired, was to have a riot at 
Carnegie in which at least one Klansman would get 
killed. Could Evans and Rich, through their organi- 
zers, Kleagles, etc., go all over this state and appeal 
to the Protestants to join the Klan, using the murder 
of a fellow Klansman as an example as to what the 
Catholics would do, they no doubt figured, thousands 
of Protestants would flock to their fold. That is why 
Evans and Rich seem to have been determined a Klans- 
man should be killed, and why they made such elabo- 
rate preparations for his murder that night. 

In my book, "Patriotism Capitalized," I clearly 
show that before any demonstrations of great import- 
ance are held in communities where Catholics dominate, 
strangers are known to have appeared on the streets 
the day of the Klan gathering, and that these strang- 
ers would foment trouble by talking about the Klan. 
I name place after place where this occurred, such as 

Lilly, Niles, Notre Dame, etc. It has since developed 
that Klan leaders hired the strangers to come into 
these communities, this being one of their wicked 
methods for creating trouble between the citizens and 
the demonstrators. 

This very thing happened at Carnegie. Several 
prominent Carnegie citizens told me, that all day of 
the Klan gathering three or four strangers, who they 
were, no one was able to find out. walked the streets 
of Carnegie, cursing and swearing at the Klans- 
men on the hill, threatening to kill them if they came 
down to town, defying them to parade at night. These 
strangers made foreigners their target, and would 
gather little groups of these men on the streets and 
talk to them, telling them if they had any man about 
them at all they would resent the wild, raging bulls 
who were on the hill. Such talk as this was bound to 
cause trouble and was likely to incite a mob. I have 
plenty of evidence in the form of affidavits, etc., that 
goes to show that these strangers were sent to Carne- 
gie, hired to go, for the purpose of helping Sam Rich 
and "Doc" Evans work up a riot, they very likely 
thinking that being the best way to make certain a 
riot did occur. 

The fateful day arrives and everything is set. 
The wicked and criminal machinery of the Klan, head- 
ed by the arch conspirator of the world, H. W. Evans, 
and his puppets, such as Sam Rich, is in perfect work- 
ing order, well oiled and lubricated to perfection. It is 
now ready to grind out the grist that is to cause the 
fattening of the Klan treasury. The murder mills of 
"Doc" Evans are to soon cruelly exact their human 



toll, such as these mills have been doing: for more than 
seven years, or since this arch murderer of all civiliza- 
tion first connected himself with a local Klan down in 
Dallas, Texas. He is now not murdering one by one, 
as he is said to have done around Dallas, when he 
presided at a Klan meeting and went straight from 
there to a field where he saw to it that a negro was 
burned at the stake. NO, if "Doc" Evans could have 
confined his murder and flogging activities to a few 
in and around Dallas, maybe it would have never been 
necessary for me to write this book, or even this 
chapter. But the Klan head is a whole-sale murderer 
now ; thousands have been killed, many of whom were 
whites, since he became the head of the Klan and kill- 
ed the Klan. 

As noted elsewhere in this book, it was planned to 
have Harry E. MacNeel, a Klansman, killed. MacNeel 
is very prominent among the Knights of Malta, an 
Odd Fellow and a member of the Junior Order, and is 
known among these fraternal societies in several states. 
If a prominent Klansman like MacNeel can be killed, 
and then lay the murder on some prominent Catholic, 
it would enable Evans to extract and extort from the 
pockets of the Protestants many more thousands of 
dollars than if some unknown member of the Klan 
should get killed. Those at the head of the murder 
mills of Evans saw to it that a Klansman is killed, if 
one is to believe several affidavits now on file in the 
federal courts. 

The day before the "demonstration" is to be held, 
according to the testimony of Mr. MacNeel himself, 
Sam Rich came to him, MacNeel, and told him that the 



Catholics are planning to kill him, MacNeel, the next 
day at Carnegie. Rich told MacNeel to "go prepared," 
and to look for anything to happen to him. MacNeel 
is a man not to be easily frightened, and at that time 
not knowing that the Klan actually murders people by 
the whole-sale, and that their heads plan to even have 
Klansmen murdered, passed the incident up as being 
of little importance, feeling that Rich had been wrong- 
ly informed. I ask the reader to keep this story in 
mind, as I will drop it here and pick it up later on in 
this chapter. Let me now go back just a little and 
gather up a few loose threads I left behind. 

In other chapters of this book I show where all 
local Klans of any importance kept their "gun crews," 
their "wrecking crews," and show how the members 
of these crews are supposed to do anything from the 
bombing of houses, the whipping of negroes, the flog- 
ging of Jews, to murder and arson. Klansmen were 
not merely ASKED to carry guns, but they were 
ORDERED to carry them by their superiors, and the 
failure of any one not to obey these orders often meant 
banishment for them. It is very likely that fully two- 
thirds of all Klansmen throughout the nation learned 
to be habitual "gun toters" while members of the Klan. 
One could go to almost any ordinary Klan meeting, 
where a hundred men were in attendance, and from 
thirty to fifty pistols could be found on the persons 
of the different members. These pistols were carried 
for no persons on earth except for the purpose of 
shooting members of the Catholic church, the Klan or- 
ganizers keeping Klansmen in constant mortal fear 
that they would be killed off like dogs by the Catholics, 



and were told to carry the pistols for their self-pro- 
tection. Even boys, under twelve years, who were 
members of the Junior Klan, were given guns and in- 
structed by their superiors to "use them on any Dago 
Mick that bobbed his head up." Thousands of boys 
can testify to the truthfulness of this statement. Klans- 
men were constantly reminded that the Klan is a mili- 
tary organization, and how have a military organiza- 
tion without fire-arms? 

In one of Sam Riche's military orders he command- 
ed all Klansmen to come to the Carnegie demonstration 
"prepared." These orders were read to all local Klans 
by the Kligrap. Every person knew what was meant 
when he said "come prepared," as in Klan circles that 
phrase always means "come well armed." The order 
was obeyed for had all the pistols Klansmen had on 
their persons that night, been taken from them, pos- 
sibly five or six thousands would have been found. 
I do know that after the riot three bushel baskets 
full of pistols were gathered on the hill the next day, 
many Klansmen leaving their guns fearing they would 
be arrested as they go home and be fined for carrying 
fire arms. I also know that nearly every sentinel that 
was arrested after and before the riot had a gun on 
him when arrested. There were enough of armed men 
in the demonstration at Carnegie to have killed every 
member of the Catholic church in that city within an 
hour after the slaughter started. If these Klansmen 
did not carry their guns for the purpose of Killing 
Catholics, then I ask, why did they have them there? 
Whom else did they expect to kill ? Local Klans always 
kept plenty of fire arms ready for emergencies, and 




many local Klans would spend large sums of money for 
fire arms, purchasing them as a Klan for the purpose 
of loaning them to the members who were too poor to 
buy their own. State headquarters in the Jenkins Ar- 
cade Building, and later in the Wabash Building, was 
more like an aresnal at times than it was a great 
Protestant rendevous. Any Klansmen, without a gun, 
could get one by going to state headquarters and see- 
ing the custodians of fire arms. Bombs, powerful 
enough to blow up the Jenkins Arcade building, or 
wrecking a rail road bridge, were kept in stock by 
Klan state headquarters. These bombs would be clan- 
destinely carried on trains, contrary to the rules of the 
transportation authorities, in suit cases, boxes, and 
other methods of concealment. Enough of bombs have 
been carried by these Klan officials to blow up the 
train they were on, kill the passengers by the hundreds 
had they been set off. And yet one dares to tell me 
this is a "Protestant organization." Law abiding 
Protestants know very well that his Catholic neighbor 
is not going to injure them; they lived neighbors for 
years and they will continue to live neighbors until 
they die. 

Early in the day Klansmen began to gather on the 
high hill just overlooking Carnegie. They came not 
only from Pennsylvania, but from Ohio, West Virginia, 
Maryland, Kentucky and Indiana. By evening pos- 
sibly there were fully twenty thousand Klansmen and 
Klanswomen on the hill, and many place the number 
much higher than that. Little did these Klansmen 
dream that the two men who had gotten most of their 
money would conspire to have one of their own number 



murdered in order to get more gold. 

The day soon passed and black darkness crept over 
the hill. All day long the maddened crowd down on the 
streets would roar its hatred of the Klan. On several 
occasions mobs composed of hundreds of citizens, many 
of them women and children, would make efforts to 
break through the lines, but Klansmen by the thousand 
would rush the mobs and drive them back. 

But the strangers down on the streets, whom I 
have good reason to believe were the hired crooks of 
the Klan heads, kept up their talk, trying to create a 
riot. They walked up and down the streets until late 
in the evening, and their work was done well. 

To madden the townspeople still more, and to 
make certain that a riot would occur, after darkness 
had hovered over the hill, the fireworks began. Bombs 
were set off, the detonations of which shook the hill, 
breaking many windows in Carnegie, and caused the 
people to wonder if really a battle is about to start. 
Then a great cross, towering into the air for sixty 
feet, was set on fire, and once more the hill and val- 
ley below were as light as day. After this, speech- 
making started, over two thousand new members were 
initiated and paid their ten dollars for initiation fees 
and five dollars for their hoods. Sam Rich and "Doc" 
Evans got their greedy paws on this money, put it 
in their box and toted it home, and they did this in 
the name of '"protestantism". Agents for the so- 
called "Dispatch Publishing Company," a fake corpora- 
tion launched by Sam Rich and "Doc" Evans, were on 
hand, with blank contracts to sign. Klansmen bought 
this fraudulent stock until it would seem as if their 



lean pocket books could stand no more. When sales 
began to slacken, "Doc" Evans mounted the platform 
and told those listening that they should buy stock 
in that company until it hurt; he asserted that all the 
Pittsburgh papers were controlled by Catholics and 
Jews, and that after this proposed daily paper was 
started the people would have a one-hundred per cent 
daily that would tell the truth. Evans started on that 
platform that he himself owned fifty-one per cent of 
the stock and that it would always be a Klan paper. 
Then the folks started to buy again, not knowing that 
the Wizard told absolute falsehoods when he made 
that speech and that he did not own even a consider- 
able amount of the stock, and that if he did own any 
stock at all it was likely given to him. Fully three 
hundred thousand dollars worth of stock in this fake 
company was sold during 1923 and not one issue of the 
paper ever has appeared, and not one issue of it ever 
will appear. It was never intended by either Rich or 
Evans that such a paper was ever to be published. It 
was a fraudulent scheme of these two men to extract 
from their poor deluded members other hundreds of 
thousands of dollars. Where is this money now? Not 
one dollar is in the treasury, the salesmen were paid 
a small percent for their selling the stock, and what- 
ever else became of the money you will need to ask 
Sam Rich and "Doc" Evans, these two men doing so 
much to Christianize America and kill the Catholic 

The mid-night hour is almost upon up, the Klans- 
men are still on the hill and the Klansmen and Klans- 
women are about to start on their tragic march, being 



ordered to do so by "Doc" Evans and Sam Rich, after 
the Carnegie authorities had repeatedly refused them 
a permit to parade. But the Klan is a super-govern- 
ment; its word must be obeyed, even though courts 
and mayors say to the contrary. The Klan is a mili- 
tary organization and those in it must not ask ques- 

At this point let us again pick up the story of 
Harry E. A. MacNeel. Sam Rich hunts up MacNeel 
and informs him that he, MacNeel, is to lead the pa- 
rade. Little did MacNeel think then that it was a plot 
of Sam Rich and "Doc" Evans to have him murdered. 
Let the reader imagine for one moment the motive 
back of any person placing a man above sixty at the 
head of a parade where twenty thousand persons, most 
of the them young people, and where every one was 
looking for trouble. No man of normal mental quali- 
ties would even dream of doing such a thing. But I 
have described a conversation that took place the day 
before between Sam Rich and MacNeel which fully ex- 
plains why Rich placed MacNeel at the head of the 
parade. A gunman was hired to murder a Klansman, 
MacNeel was to be the victim and he must be placed 
at the head in order for the hired assassin to "get his 
man." Gentlemen, this is not only premediatde mur- 
der, to my way of thinking at least, but it is the act 
of a murderous traitor, treason to the very organiza- 
tion that had filled his wicked till with money criminal- 
ly extracted from its duped members, and a high 
crime against the civil authorities. 

But the parade starts, my own son is in it, but I 
remain on the hill, not caring to participate in it. 



The throngs begin to sing, "Onward Christian Sold- 
iers," a song tragically unsuited for the occasion. What 
if these thousands of Klansmen had then, in some 
miraculous manner, been told of the murderous con- 
spiracy that must have been hatched in the hearts of 
H. W. Evans and Sam Rich? I say, what if this had 
suddenly been told these Klansmen? It is my opinion 
these two men would have been torn to shreds by just- 
ly angered Klansmen, and the same guns and bombs 
they had been ordered to bring with them for the pur- 
pose of "killing Catholics and Jews" would have been 
ironically turned on the two persons in all that vast 
throng who were destined to figure in one of the black- 
est crimes that darken and mar the pages of American 
history. Judas Iscariot betrayed his Master for thirty 
pieces of silver; Sam Rich and "Doc" Evans are about 
to betray a fellow Klansman for not thirty pieces of 
silver, but for the purpose of bagging thirty millions of 
gold. Judas gave the blood money back to those from 
whom he had gotten it, and then went and "hanged 
himself," while Evans has not returned a penny to 
those from whom he got it and has not had the com- 
mon deceny to "go out and hang himself." Judas no 
doubt thought his Master could in some way escape 
the mob when betrayed, and would not die, while all 
appearances are that Evans makes certain MacNeel 
does not escape the assassin's bullet that had been 
planned to have fired in his brain that night. 

The news that the parade had started spreads like 
wild fire all over Carnegie, and althrough almost the 
midnight hours thousands of mad citizens, women and 
children as well, were on the streets. Soon the side 



walks were lined with these frothing people, and every- 
one knew that trouble is soon to start. Just as the 
van guard reaches a narrow bridge, on the other side 
of which the main part of the city begins, car trouble 
haults the parade, as a few were in their car. The jam 
being relieved, the parade starts again, and just as 
the bridge was passed by the two cars, one of them 
runs its right fore wheel into a small ditch by the 
side walk. Seeing that Klansmen were having diffi- 
culty rescuing the car, Patrick McDermott, a prominent 
citizen, and a member of the Catholic church, directs 
the rescue of the car, and in a few moments it is again 
on the street. "Pat" McDermott, every one who knows 
him calls him "Pat," is a well-to-do citizen of Carnegie 
and loved by both Catholics and Protestants alike. He 
is to figure in the tragic ending of this parade, which 
is our reason for noticing this little act of kindness of 
his, done at a time when most people under similar cir- 
cumstances would not have allowed themselves to do it. 
But "Pat" is one of those mild tempered persons, wear- 
ing a smile on his face for every one, who believes in 
doing good to "those who despitefully use you." 

In a few moments the riot starts, clubs were 
thrown, pitchers were cast out of windows on to the 
heads of Klansmen, guns were fired in every direction, 
by both the citizens, or the mob, as it is sometimes 
styled, and the Klansmen. When the parade turns the 
whole city into a furious battle, "Doc" Evans and "Sam 
Rich", according to testimony filed in court, began to 
run for the rear, these two having stationed themselves 
about thirty or forthy feet behind MacNeel, the one 
selected to be killed that night, Evans and Rich run- 



ning like frightened Indians yelling to the top of their 
voices for Klansmen to return to the hill.. They did 
not take time to help rescue either men or women who 
were being knocked down and kicked by the dozens. 
Which side started to shoot first, no one ever will know. 
There are those who say the citizens started to fire 
before the Klansmen did and there are others just as 
honest in what they say who think the firing was first 
started by Klansmen. This thing is certain: Whether 
the members of the Klan started firing first, they did 
fire and fired rapidly, and it is also certain that nearly 
all the members of the parade were armed "to the hilt." 

Then Thomas R. Abbott, a young Klansman, who 
had just been initiated that evening, was shot down, 
the assassin's bullet entering his head. Hundreds of 
shots were fired, and it appears when Abbott was kill- 
ed, he having been taken to Dr. Jones office and died 
immediately, firing ceased by both the paraders and 
the citizens. So far as any one knows Abbott was the 
only Klansman killed, but fully forty others were 
wounded, many of the wounded being brought back 
on the hill that night, while truck loads of them were 
carried to the different hospitals and people's homes. 
How many citizens were wounded no one ever will 
know, but here, too, we know scores of them were 
wounded. There are four or five affidavits on file in 
court asserting that seven or eight from the street 
were killed, all foreigners, some of those making af- 
fidavits even going so far as to name at least four of 
those killed, where they lived, etc. I have also heard 
Klan organizers, when making speeches, say that at 
least eight were killed, and have heard them say that 



they were rolled into automobiles of Klansmen and 
taken off and hid, some of their bodies being thrown 
into the river. This story looks plausible, for neither 
Sam Rich nor "Doc" Evans would have wanted it known 
if the Klan had killed any one and if these bodies were 
taken off and either burned, or thrown in the river, or 
buried, or secreted in any way, it would have been 
done after the order was given by "Doc" Evans, for 
no Klansman would have dared to have done such a 
thing if he had not been ordered to do it. The assassin, 
who seems to have been hired to kill MacNeel, simply 
got his wrong man. No doubt in the excitement he 
did not take time to scrutinize carefully and shot Ab- 
bott, who was just in front of MacNeel, Abbott fall- 
ing into the arms of MacNeel when shot. There are 
at least two persons who claim to have seen Abbott 
shot and these say he was shot by a man standing on 
the side walks just a few yards from Abbott. 

The terrible excitement over, so far as the Klan 
is concerned, and most of the members again back on 
the hill, the deep laid murder plot must be carried to 
its fulfillment. The murder must be laid on a Catholic, 
for that would enable Evans and Rich to go up and 
down this nation appealing to the Protestants to join 
the Klan and thus protect themselves from the "Ca- 
tholics and foreigners." In other words, some one 
must be framed. 

In a few minutes the news spreads over town that 
Patrick McDermott, a Catholic, had shot and killed 
Klansman Abbott. McDermott was promptly arrest- 
ed, taken to the Allegheny county jail and there re- 
mained for four days, when his hearing was held and 



released, because no evidence was produced that would 
justify his being held. Then the corner's jury exon- 
erated him wholly. Later on, at the instance of Klan 
heads, McDermott was again taken before a justice of 
the peace, this time a member of the Klan, and al- 
though no evidence was presented, the Klansman held 
him for court. McDermott was ready for trial any 
minute, as he knew he was not guilty, and he knew he 
could easily prove it, but the Klan put off the trial 
from one court to another for almost two years, this 
in order to enable Sam Rich and "Doc" Evans to bag 
the gold. Finally, when the trial was held, no evidence 
at all was produced against McDermott. One Klans- 
man swore he saw Pat McDermott shoot Abbott, and 
admitted McDermott was in an alley when he shot, and 
that McDermott was at least 60 feet from Abbott. This 
Klansman also swore he knew McDermott, and when 
he testified to this, he was asked if he could pick him 
out of the crowd that was then in the court room. He 
said he could, and pointing to a man who resembled 
McDermott, said, "There he sits now." This entirely 
negatived all his testimony, and this fellow was the 
star witness for the Klan leaders. Had McDermott 
shot Abbott from the place this Klansman testified 
he did shoot him, it would have been necessary for the 
bullet to have passed through two walls of a house, 
through the throngs on the side walks, go to the oppo- 
site side of the street, then strike something and bound 
back, as Abbott was shot in the opposite side of the 
temple from where this Klansman swore McDermott 
was standing. A few other witnesses were called, 
but this was their star. The jury was out only a few 



minutes bringing in a verdict of "not guilty." 

It is clearly a case where it was thought a Cathol- 
ic should be framed, and McDermott being a prominent 
member of the Catholic church, was selected by Evans 
and Sam Rich as the victim. If Evans and Rich did 
not frame him, then who did ? 

The Klansmen back on the hill, the excitement 
having rather died down, the wounded having been 
dressed by several physicians in the throng, some big 
hearted Klansman started to take a hat around, and 
asking for donations for Mrs. Abbott, and her two 
fatherless little children. Had this been done, several 
thousand dollars would have been contributed to the 
stricken family that night and Mrs. Abbott and her 
children may have lived. But "Doc" Evans stops the 
collection, and for the third time mounting the plat- 
form, begins to speak with a gutteral voice. He said 
there would be no collection taken for Mrs. Abbott, 
that there were almost a million dollars in the national 
Klan treasury, and stated that as long as there was one 
cent left in this treasury, it was for the use of Mrs. 
Abbott and her little children if they needed it. 

Now what did "Doc" Evans and Sam Rich do about 
the help of this widowed mother and these fatherless 
children? The next week they announced through 
the mails that a trust fund would be raised for them 
and within three or four months they announced that 
over twenty-one thousand dollars had been raised 
through the free-will offerings of Klansmen through- 
out the nation. Did that "trust fund" do Mrs. Abbott 
and her little children any good ? Evans was generous 
enough to send her "fifty dollars a month" for a few 



months, and then when I exposed him he sent her and 
her family one hundred dollars a month for a few 
times. Then Mrs. Abbott died, then one of her little 
children died, and what has become of the other child 
I have not been able to find out. The fact is, this 
money was raised through the use of the United States 
mails, it has been criminally mal-administered, possib- 
ly all gone by this time, and not ten per cent of it has 
ever reached the parties for whom it was intended 
when given. If this is not robbing the "widows and 
children" I would like to be cited to a case where they 
were robbed. I was at one time informed by an attor- 
ney from Atlanta that this fund was hypothecated in 
a fake insurance company in Kansas City and lost. 

But the sickening tragedy of this story is not yet 
told. If "Doc" Evans and Sam Rich actually planned 
to have a Klansman murdered, in order to coin gold 
by reason of his death, they will need to charge the 
murder up to a member of the Catholic church, and 
that is exactly what we have shown they did. 

More than one person saw a man shoot Abbott, 
and willing to testify to as much. This is the man 
whom I have reason to believe was hired to shoot Mc- 
Neel by "Doc" Evans and Sam Rich, and if not by 
them directly by some one whom they designated to 
do it. But "what is done by an agent is done by the 
man himself," and what an agent of the Klan did be- 
comes the act of "Doc" Evans, as he is its owner and 
director, no person being able to legally oust him so 
long as he holds the controlling share in the corpora- 

I heard "Doc" Evans say myself, while a score of 



wounded Klansmen lay at his feet, and long before the 
blood had grown cold in the veins of Thomas R. Ab- 
bott, "Boys, the death of Thomas R. Abbott means 
twenty-five thousand new members for the Klan," 
seemingly that being his first reflection after he man- 
aged to get back on the hill from the scenes of the mur- 
der. Following up this, Sam Rich and many of his 
kleagles were heard on different occasions to say that 
the death of Abbott did bring more than twenty-five 
thousand new members into the Klan. If that be so, 
and I have every reason to believe it is, "Doc" Evans 
gathered in as a result from the death of this young 
man almost a half million dollars, and having done 
that, and then having raised according to his own 
statement, above twenty-one thousand dollars as a 
trust fund for Mrs. Abbott and her children, he al- 
lowed the widow to die for lack of financial help, and 
at least one of the children to die because its mother 
did not have sufficient funds with which to get it 
proper treatment. Can you find me a buzzard of the air 
whose beaks are foul as that of H. W. Evans, not con- 
tent with the ill-gotten gains coming to him because 
of Abbott's death, whose death was evidently planned 
by the Klan, but pokes his unholy claws into a sacred 
trust fund raised for a widow and her children, and 
devours that. 

After all the evidence I have been able to gather, 
and after talking to scores of Klansmen who were at 
the Carnegie riot, after reading many affidavits given 
by Klansmen concerning that tragic occurrance, it is 
my candid opinion that the actual murderer of Thomas 
R. Abbott is known to both "Doc" Evans and Sam Rich, 

H. W. Evans mount- 
ed the stand at Car- 
negie after forty 
Klansmen had been 
wounded and one 
killed and declared 
that Abbott's death 
would mean seventy- 
five thousand new 
members for the 
Knights of the Ku 
Klux Klan. 




that these two men, either personally or through their 
agents, hired the assassin who sent the bullet through 
the head of young Abbott. 

I am aware of the import of what I am writing. 
I fully understand the political power of the one who 
assumes to be the Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan; I know 
that even yet politicians fear him, and that he freely 
asserts that "I can make and unmake presidents." I 
am not at all unmindful of the danger one subjects him- 
self to when he dares to tell the truth on a person 
having political power such as this person has even to 
this day. But I am writing for the public; I want it 
to know just who this man Evans is, and if I can get 
my message straight to the people they will believe me 
and pull down this haughty tyrant from his boasted 
throne. Now let us see just who he is, even going back 
before the time he first joined the Ku Klux Klan. I 
do not need to rehearse that. Suffice it to say, that 
before he joined the Klan he was a man of no import- 
ance, and so far as I can learn, a man void of Christian 
principles. It is said he could drink as much liquor as 
any other person in Dallas, and that this was only a 
little "vice" of his when compared to the others. I say 
these things because he now parades around as a 
"Christianizer," and a supporter of the "Volstead Act," 
and as an "Enemy of Al Smith." If H. W. Evans was 
at the head of a "horse thief association," or at the 
head of a gang of "Bank robbers" his former life would 
amount to nothing, for these things would be im- 
material. I say to you however, there never was a 
"horse thief association," or "a murders' gang," or a 
"bunch of bank robbers," who were as dangerous 



criminals as the heads of the Ku Klux Klan. There is 
not a crime a black handed murderer ever did commit, 
that has not been committed by the heads of the Ku 
Klux Klan. There is no murder that ever was commit- 
ted that is any blacker than hundreds of those com- 
mitted by the Ku Klux Klan under the reign of H. W, 

I tell in another chapter that it is estimated that 
Evans himself, since 1920, the time he joined the Klan, 
personally superintended the flogging of at least five 
hundred persons, many of them white at that. Those 
who are in a position to know, believe that at least 
ten or twenty thousand persons have been flogged 
through Evans machine, ordered flogged by his ma- 
chine, that he knows today of hundreds of cases where 
floggings took place by the directions of the biggest 
men in his machine. 

Not long ago I was talking to a man from Dallas, 
Texas, and who was a member of the local Klan Evans 
joined. He says he knows Evans well; knew him be- 
fore he, Evans, joined the Klan, that he was counted 
as a non-entity. The Klan came around and Evans 
joined, and then murder and floggings started. This 
gentleman told me that he was in attendance at a 
Klan meeting when it was decided to murder a white 
man, and that at that meeting Evans presided. The 
white man was sent for, he was brought to the lonely 
spot where they were all gathered, and Evans still 
presiding. The man was condemned, he was ordered 
shot, and he was shot. This took place where this 
man told me he saw Evans, and that Evans was the 
presiding officer when it was done. 



This man told me he, the man talking, to me, was 
present at six executions close to Dallas, all executed 
by the authority of the Klan. Just whether Evans was 
present at more than one of these six the man could 
not say, but said he does know he was present at one 
of the six executions. 

The horribleness of these executions were terrible, 
one of them being as follows, all the others rather like 

When it was decided to kill some one, whether 
white or black, two of those he saw killed being white, 
word was sent by the Klan Kligrapp for the "boys to 
meet" in some lonely spot. They would go there with 
their hoods on so that no one would know any other 
person present. A circle was formed, the victim 
brought and set down in a chair near the judge of the 
court called the "cangaroo court." The victim was ask- 
ed if he were guilty, and if he said he was not, he was 
given to understand that he is going to be killed any 
way, and that if he confesses they will shoot him, and 
if he does not confess, they will burn him alive on a 
cross. In this case the victim refused to confess, and 
every time he refused a Klansman standing by would 
strike with a black jack. Not extracting a confession 
from him with such tortures as these he was put 
through the "Klan's third degree of torture," which 
was tying the poor, tortured mortal by his two thumbs 
and holding him suspended in the air for five minutes. 
This was done to him, and still he refused to confess. 
Then the Klansmen were ordered to form in a circle, 
a match was given each member of the Klan, and the 
man was tied with wire to a cross similar to that which 



Christ was crucified. Then the cross was suspended, 
one end put in a hole in the ground, oil was poured all 
over the poor, suffering individuals, and after all this 
was done, every member of the Klan was ordered to 
march around the man saturated with oil, strike his 
match, and while looking away from the man on the 
cross throw the lighted match at him. Soon he was in 
flames, the poor fellow burning into a crisp while the 
Klansmen would carry on a war dance similar to that 
of the Indians, or in other ways take delight in the 
burning of a human being. 

God help us; let us stop here. Why go further. 
If one member of the Klan has actually witnessed the 
execution of four negroes and two whites, in the name 
of high heaven how many has the Klan murdered and 
otherwise tortured during the seven years reign of 
Hiram Wesley Evans, the greatest and most monstrous 
murderer to my mind, the world has ever yet seen? 
May the Lord God of heaven rescue a poor suffering 
nation from the clutches of a miserable blackhanded 
murderer such as the head of the Knights of the Ku 
Klux Klan appears to me to be. 

I close by relating a story as to the attempted as- 
sassination of myself. 

On August 20, 1924, while publishing The Watch- 
man, a sixteen page magazine, of nation-wide circula- 
tion, I exposed H. W. Evans as being a fraud, immoral 
and a scoundrel. It stirred the nation, and thousands 
of Klansmen on account of that exposure at once ceased 
paying dues into the Klan. In about two or three 
months after that date, I can not remember the exact 
time, a gentleman, fairly well dressed, walked into my 



office at Uniontown, Pa., and introduced himself as a 
Mr. Wolfe from Wilkinsburg, Pa., and wanted to know 
if I could use him on my paper. He said he was a news- 
paper man, knew the advertising game and wished to 
work for me. I told him I needed an advertising man- 
ager, and having made himself fairly well acquainted 
with me through references from persons I knew, I 
hired him. I took him down town, secured him hotel 
room, paid his rent, and he remained with me two 
or three days, then he excused himself by saying that 
it would be necessary for him to return to his home 
in Wilkinsburg and get some clothes, besides looking 
after some business affairs. He stated when leaving 
that he would be back in a few days. While in my of- 
fice we often talked about the Klan and he declared 
he had no use for it in any particular. 

This gentleman did not come. I never heard from 
him again until the latter part of 1927, when I ran 
across an affidavit he had made concerning the Klan. 
The up-shot of the whole affair is, this man Wolfe, who 
came to me late in 1924 asking for a job, was hired 
to come to Uniontown, put me out of business, even to 
the murdering of me, blow up my office, or get rid 
of it in any way he could, and he now says he was paid 
to do this by "Doc" Evans and Sam Rich. He also 
says that another man was with him, and that both of 
them were to commit the murder, or in some manner 
either get me out of the way, or out of business.. They 
did not "knock me off," of course, for I am here writ- 
ing this book and fighting the same anarchists who 
hired an assassin to take my life. Neither did they 
blow up my office, and the reason for not doing so, 




according to the statement of Wolfe himself, is that I 
treated him so well while he was in Uniontown that 
he did not have the heart to either kill me or to blow 
up my office. But it is not by anything "Doc" Evans 
did that I am yet alive, but in spite of the murderous 
machinations of this cruel assassin. 

Have I a reason? Have I a cause for complaint 
against these murders? Not only have they planned 
and carried out numerous murders, but they planned 
my own death. Evans can not run at large always; 
the law of the land will overtake him, and very likely 
the gallows, or the electric chair, or the walls of the 
penitentiary, will put this raging, murderous criminal 
where he can no longer harm society. This justice 
may not overtake him until first his political influence 
is wiped out, then the law will find him and locate him 
in his rightful place. I am opposed to capital punish- 
ment, and would not like to see him hanged or electro- 
cuted, but if Hickman, a young man who just now 
holds the attention of the public as a cruel murderer 
deserves to be hanged or if Ruth Snyder and Judd Gray 
deserve the electric chair, if all the evidence can be pro- 
duced in cases where Evans either participated himself 
in murder, or ordered it committed through his murder 
machine, a thousand times more will the people believe 
he deserves what Ruth Snyder and Judd Gray have al- 
ready received, and what the public is clamoring Hick- 
man shall be given.